Pfc. P.M. Hiegel awarded Military Medal 644th US Tank Destroyer Battlion

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    Foreign award Military Medal

    Pfc. Paul Martin Hiegel (33408088) A Company, 644th Tank Destroyer Battalion, 2nd Infantry Division, V Corps

    WO 373/149/966

    I saw Hiegel’s medals being sold at auction in 2018 in Australia by J.B. Military Antiques

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    How does an American General end up writing a citation for the award a British gallantry medal to an American Other Rank with not a single British signature in sight?

    If the gallant man had been supporting a British operation and the British recognised his achievement then that would make sense but a lone American signature seems odd to me.

    Any ideas or have I missed something?


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    I'd imagine that it was much the same as Foreign to British awards. Quotas of each award were agreed and then it was down to each Branch/Unit in Theatre to allocate awards to individuals.

    ( I also know of an Irish Guardsman whose MM was initiated by US Colonel.
    2718842 James McRORY, MM, 2 Irish Guards )

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