Peter Page, Royal Marine 448 Flotilla (LCA)

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    I received a copy of my late dad's service record, and have been trying to find any information on the Flotilla he was assigned to, and what role it played during D-day. I would appreciate any help anybody could offer.

    Here is some brief info about Peter Page from his service record.

    Born March 1926

    Enlisted in the Royal Marines on 28th July 1943 aged 17, and his service no. is PLY/X112967.

    Attended Minor Landing Craft Training at HMS Helder in January 1944, and passed out as a Coxswain in February 1944.

    16th January 1944, posted to HMS COPRA (Helder).

    Turned 18 in March 1944

    HMS Grasshopper 24th March 1944 to 26th April 1944. I believe this is Coastal Defence.

    HMS Squid II - Flotilla 448 - 27th March 1944 to 15th February 1945. Can't find anything about this Flotilla.

    2nd June 1944, promoted to Lance Corporal, then on 7th September 1944 to acting temporary Corporal.

    When he left COPRA in February 1945 to undertake Commando training, he appears to have reverted to Marine in rank.

    After that I think he was with 44 Commando in Madras India, possibly en-route to Kowloon, Hong Kong.

    I can't find any information on 448 Flotilla, which I presume is LCA sized craft, which would have been assigned to a larger ship for transport.

    One document suggested that number range of Flotillas may have been LCP's, but no further info.

    Any information or suggestions about how I can find more details, would be greatly appreciated.

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    Thanks for the responses, it all helps to build a better picture of my dad's time in the services.

    Does anybody know where I could find out more detail about 448 Flotilla, and any actions they were involved in.



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