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    Pictured here is my father Peter Mullen born on 26th May 1921 died in Oct 1977. I am trying to find his regiment and service number so I can apply for his records. Can anybody help, the picture I believe was taken in Udine Italy whilst he was driving staff cars. He also I believe drove tank transporters in North Africa. Can anyone help?

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    HI Bob

    Request records of deceased service personnel
    If you read the forms you dont need his regiment (he could have moved around anyway), and you also dont need his service number, the forms ask for service number OR date of birth, you will need to include a copy of his death certificate (which normally also has his date of birth)


    England & Wales, Civil Registration Death Index, 1916-2007
    Name: Peter Mullen
    Death Age: 56
    Birth Date: 26 May 1921
    Registration Date: Oct 1977
    [Nov 1977]
    [Dec 1977]
    Registration Quarter: Oct-Nov-Dec
    Registration District: Barrow-in-Furness
    Inferred County: Cumbria
    Volume: 1
    Page: 0041
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    Hey, thanks for that I will get applying. I just wondered if anyone recognised the insignia on the car maybe.
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    See PeterG 's site.
    British Formation Signs

    Allied Armies in Italy Headquarters
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