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    Afternoon all,

    This may be a ramble, so I'll try to proofread, but I apologise for any incoherence in advance!!

    Does anyone know where I should be looking for personnel movement records?

    My step-granddad was a Trooper with the 12th Lancers/Phantom, whose patrols and squadrons were attached to various units throughout the war.

    I assume that the unit must have listed a roster/draft/nominal roll of all personnel as they were being attached, so as to not lose anyone? I have found a few references but this tends to be when looking for casualties, and assume there should be a collection of all movements somewhere?

    I've been through loads of the records at Kew, including war diaries and various other files, but I'm struggling to find records of where the ORs were listed.

    Any idea if there were separate movement departments etc that would have recorded this, that I may be missing when just looking at my unit specific records?

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    Battalions published Part 1 and Part 2 Orders to record and communicate troop movements in and out of the unit (as well as to communicate discipline matters etc).

    I’m sure your step grandfathers unit would follow the same processes and procedures but unfortunately such orders will have been culled/destroyed over the past 70 years.

    Having said all that I’d have thought that some, if not all, of his movements would’ve been recorded on his service papers. Have you obtained a copy from MOD Glasgow yet?

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    No idea if those lists exist or not bur Steve is right, his movements should be recorded in his service record ,dates etc.
    There`s this too?
    Phantom: Uncovering the Secrets of the WW2 Special Forces Unit
    By Philip Warner
    In the book it states "the original troop from 12th Lancers was withdrawn but Captain Warre stayed and formed a new squadron.The new troops were a mixture of of ex Royal Tank Regiment and drafts from other cavalry regiments"

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    Hi Steve,

    I have his service record, which has helped, so I have theatre locations and some of the unit/squadron details, but not all.

    For example, his service record states that he was with the BEF from Oct 39 to May 40, but doesn't state anything to do with the fact that he was attached to the British Air Mission, which we have other documentation for.

    It then states that he was sent to GHQ Liaison, but doesn't specify the Squadron.

    Later on, it states that he was posted to H Squadron (a newly formed unit within GHQ) and also states when the unit was re-named.

    Through my research, I can hedge my bets which squadrons he was with, but am trying to find something definitive.

    Then when I have found which Squadrons he was with, I'm hoping to find which Patrol he was with, as each patrol worked with a bevvy of different units, which are documented, just haven't found who was with what haha
  5. MongoUK

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    Thanks Kyle, yeah I have the books, which as per most books, focus on the overview and on NWE, whereas I'm looking for patrol detail through Africa and Italy.

    I've also bought one of Asher Pirts books, but from what I've seen of that, there's a lot of the same detail I have already found.

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