Personal Personnel Carrier?

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  1. KevinT

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    Image from IWM film British Military Traffic Copes With Floods On Roads In Normandy pt 3
    Image is for research and reference only.
    Humber Scout Car Sgt. Murphy F195851 from 153rd RAC HQ
    Sgt Murphy Humber Scout.png
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  2. Christian Fletcher

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    I thought it might be a memorial sign - but I've been through the Essex Regiment's Roll of Honour and there isn't a Sgt Murphy mentioned. (Though, if he wasn't a Pompadour, he might not have got a mention. Some regimental histories don't include 'foreigners")
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  3. KevinT

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    Out of curiosity I did a quick Google search for the name Sgt Murphy and found the link below.

    Sergeant Murphy, one of the eeriest Grand National stories I know of.

    Not quite sure what the connection is as a lot of the tanks are named towns/villages etc in Essex. But it seems a bit of a jinxed name for the riders of Sgt. Murphy, it certainly was for the regiment as it was disbanded at the end of August 1944.


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  4. Christian Fletcher

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    Maybe the Scout Car is part of the Recce Troop? Why do we always end up needing another photo!?

    153 RAC does get much of a write-up in the regimental history: just, started here, went there, did that, sort of stuff!

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