Percy Hobart, Gibraltar Barracks, Aldershot, 1946 and Edmund "Ted" Crush

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    I was asked by a member (Mark Abbott) on "17 Field Company Royal Engineers" to start this thread.

    On "17 Field Company Royal Engineers" a number of members (With the help of well known and very knowledgeable senior members (even that "tag" doesn't seem to do them justice frankly)), myself included are researching, inter alia, the d-day exploits of Lieutenant Crush (my Dad), Sergeant Graham and Sergeant Faulkner and other members of 17 FC RE .

    The Photo is dated 11th January 1946 and titled "Officers Royal Engineers, Gibraltar Barracks, Aldershot, 11th January, 1946"

    Back row (left to right looking at the photo): Captain P.E.F. Rhodes, Lt. E Parker, Major D.F. Harmer, Lt G.E. Webster, Major H.D. Wood, Lt. D.D. Foster. Lt N.D.W. Ferguson. Lt. K.F. Logie. Lt A.K. Chaston.

    3rd row: Major D. Eastmond. Capt. H. Lock. Lt E. Grinsted. Captain E.J. Parsons. Captain J.S. Cunningham. Lt P.C. Mills. Captain L.J. Warren MBE . Captain C.G. Neville, Lt R.V. Juggins. Lt R F Wright. Major R.E. Greenway.

    2nd row: Major J.R. Sims TD. Major G.C. Hann MBE. Lt-Col. F.L. Stroud. Major General Sir Eustace Tickell KBE, CB, MC. Lt General Sir J Ronald E Charles KCB CMG DSO. Major-General Sir Percy Hobart KBE CB DSO MC. Lt-Col E. W. Simpson. Col. R.P.A.D. Lithgow OBE. Major G.E. Poole.

    3rd row: Lt D.R. Ponsford. Lt R.R. Tomalin. Captain D.L.O. Lloyd. Captain A. H. Stock. Captain M.C. Lee, Major R. H. Morgan. Lt W.J.F. Whitebread. Lt B.F.A. Lane and Captain E. Crush MC.

    Percy Hobart was, of course, GOC 79th Armoured Division ("Hobart's Funnies") from 16th October 1942. 79 AD included 185 Infantry Brigade from 8/9/42 to 12/4/43 (when it was transferred to 3rd Infantry Division). Prior to its time under command of 79 AD, 185 Brigade was assigned to Area HQ Durham & North Riding (1/9/42 to 7/9/42). Upon transfer to 3 ID (where it "replaced" 7th Infantry Brigade) it and the rest of the Division (8ID, 9ID and supporting units including 17 FC RE) started training for D-Day.

    My Dad (Edmund "Ted" Crush) then Lt. Crush was o/c 2 platoon 17 FC RE on D-day. His platoon was attached to 185 Brigade for their advance on CAEN. Having been invalided home in November 1944 (following earlier injury when winning the MC) he was Adjutant at Gibraltar Barracks (at or around the time of this photo). He once told (He died June 2007) me a story about being showed into an office by a "full sergeant" and told "this is your office Sir". Next he was directed to a pile of papers in his in-tray. Dad said the backlog was about "6 months worth". His first order was "put that lot in the 'bin'". When the sergeant queried the order Dad said "well if it's important they'll write again and if they don't it wasn't and it's cleared".

    I hope members enjoy the photo and the little bit of history attached to it. If anybody has any information about 17 FC RE, its members and/or its movements from 6/6/1944 to end July 1944 please hop over to "17 Field Company Royal Engineers" and join our thread.

    Best Peter

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    Thanks for posting.

    PH is certainly a most interesting character as is the 79th Armoured Division.
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    Monty’s brother-in-law I think.

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