Penang, Malaysia - Western Road CC - WW1 Russian Cruiser ZHEMCHUG (mass grave/memorial)

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    I came across this memorial purely-by-chance and, since then, have learned about the Battle Of Penang. It's 102 years (October 28th 1914) since the German light cruiser, SMS EMDEN, sailed into Penang harbour and sank the Russian cruiser, ZHEMCHUG (Pearl) and French destroyer, MOUSQUET (Musket).

    A total of 47 men died on the MOUSQUET and, on the ZHEMCHUG, 81 died in the initial battle with a further 7 succumbing to their wounds.

    A brief description of events here: Battle of Penang - Wikipedia
    More about the ZHEMCHUG here: Russian cruiser Zhemchug - Wikipedia

    A mass burial was carried out for the Russian sailors at Western Road Christian Cemetery (according to various reports, most of the bodies were not recovered or, because of their condition, were buried at sea). Initially, I found it very difficult to ascertain just how many men, if any, were buried in the cemetery. The CWGC staff were unable to help me and numerous sources were (still are) giving figures that range from 0 to 82?

    Via the Russian magazine ''Around The World'' (January 1996): a group of Cossacks, visiting the island in 1938, carried out some renovation work on the grave-site and claim to have spoken to the cemetery caretaker - a nun - who confirmed that she attended the original burial service and recalled a total of 24 bodies.
    Еще раз о гибели крейсера «Жемчуг» | Публикации | Вокруг Света

    Sadly, like the ship itself, this grave/memorial has suffered a great deal over the years mainly due to: a general lack of maintenance; theft of a copper plaque - which was attached to the original iron cross (is that the same cross we see today - I wonder?) and protests from the Chinese Government in 1976 over the opening of the newly renovated monument.

    Renovation work was carried out by Soviet sailors in 1972 and 1987 and, in October 1996, thanks to the combined generosity of the staff at ''Around The World'' magazine and the Moscow firm of ''Vland'' a commemorative plaque, measuring 30x40cm and inscribed with the names of all 88 men, was conscerated in St.Nicholas Church - Khamovniki, and flown to Malaysia where it was eventually attached to the memorial frontage.

    During both his visits to Malaysia - August and October 2003, President Vladimir Putin made numerous mention of this particular incident and thanked the Malaysian people for the assistance they gave to the sailors of the doomed ship.

    I believe that the anchor, forming part of the memorial, originated from the ship itself.

    A book - The Battle Of Penang - written by Dr. John Robertson, was published in 2012:
    Launch of The Battle of Penang – A Pictorial Report - Singapore Heritage Society

    Some very nice images taken at the memorial/grave site during a recent religious service:
    World War I Battle in SE Asia Remembered | Dave Ray Photo

    The history of the ship itself forms a mirror-image of events in Russia from c1900-1917 but, equally, the history of the memorial-cum-mass-grave deserves equal attention!

    I'm curious to know what happened to those 47 French sailors who died during this particular conflict? Were they repatriated or buried-at-sea? I'm not aware of any such French graves or memorials in Penang itself.

    This memorial is a definite 'must-see' for all visitors to Penang island.

    note: total of 3 images and Google map of cemetery (with my location headings) attached.

    Available now:
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    2. General images of the cemetery itself.

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