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  1. smdarby

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    Obituary in The Times today for Patrick Delaforce - author of over 50 books including a number of WWII unit histories. One of them was "The Black Bull" about the 11th Armoured Division in which he served and was wounded twice. Obituary states that after the war he found himself on the board of directors of a company which also included Pip Roberts, CO of 11th AD and "the two of them had passed the time refighting their battles together from their respective vantage points."

    Died 22 January 2018, aged 94.
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  2. Owen

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    Sad news that, I have many of his books.
    I did wonder awhile ago if he was still around.
  3. sjw8

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    Sad news indeed.
    I have a copy of "Monty's Highlanders", signed by Patrick, which the family obtained for my dad for his 80th birthday present.
  4. SDP

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    Sad news indeed. I have several of his books which, putting aside some rather amusing aspects (see below) and a bit of understandable conflation, are excellent descriptive tomes.

    In one of his books "The Black Bull" (autographed copy) he says ..."and Harry Dews was wounded". When I mentioned this to the late great Harry he laughed "that's news to me, pleased I've found out!".

    My favourites are "The Black Bull" and "The Polar Bears".
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  5. smdarby

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    Yes - he liked to include "Monty" in his book titles. I have "Monty's Ironsides", "Monty's Northern Legions" and "The Polar Bears - Monty's Left Flank", amongst others. Obituary says he took early retirement in 1979 and then just wrote books with the assistance of his wife, who acted as copy-editor.
  6. Seroster

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    RIP Mr Delaforce. Thanks for letting us know.

    I have read a few of his books but I think Taming Monty's Panzers, about 3 RTR, is my favorite.
  7. Gary Kennedy

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    That is sad news. I think, back in the dim distant days of my getting on the internet, I sent him an email; what is was about I can't for the life of me think now, but I thought it was very good of him to answer me.

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  8. JDKR

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    How sad. I have a number of his books, which while not always precisely 100% accurate were in a genre of their own. Amused to see in his obituary that he was 'among the very first' to arrive at Belsen. Most of 11th Armoured would seem to have claimed that! Also, if you can drive off a Tiger with a Sten and pistol what was all the fuss about British armour in Normandy!

  9. 8RB

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    Sad indeed, another 11th Armoured officer passing away this winter, after the death of 8th Rifle Brigade Platoon commander Sir Brian Neill (see thread "CO first men on hill 112 passed away").
  10. graeme

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    Sad news.

    I have used many of his books for my research, always informative and well written.

  11. Sheldrake

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    An HAC man serving with 13 RHA.
  12. idler

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    He's gunner be missed...
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  13. Recce_Mitch

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    :poppy: Patrick Delaforce RIP :poppy:


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