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Discussion in 'British Indian Army' started by John Mulhall, Aug 16, 2020.

  1. John Mulhall

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    Dear all,

    Please find attached photo of my neighbours late mother who was born in Agra India and later joined the British Army in India.
    So the story so far is that my neighbour has carried out some research and drawn a complete blank with MOD service records and has been unable to identify the arm patch as displayed.
    Apart from being a sergeant in the WRACs can anybody help shed more light re obtaining service record......ID of arm patch and also medal ribbon.

    Your help is much appreciated.


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  2. bamboo43

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    The medal ribbon is the 1939-45 War Medal and the India Service Medal.
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  3. John Mulhall

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    Hi Bamboo and’s a good start.

    Many thanks,

  4. bamboo43

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  5. timuk

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    I may be wrong but the award of the India Service Medal seems to indicate service in the Women's Auxiliary Corps (India) rather than the WRAC/ATS. This would probably explain why the records are not held by MOD.

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  6. John Mulhall

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    Wow neighbour Pam will be over the moon with this. Her dad was UK born and served over there as a sgt in the Royal Sigs and she has his service record and medals but drew a blank with her mum. Pam’s mum was Anglo Indian herself and married dad out there. They returned to the UK in 1948 when Pam was 3 months.

    Just need to find locate her service record.


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  7. John Mulhall

    John Mulhall Member

    Hi Tim,
    Thanks, that makes perfect sense re Pam not being able to find mums service record. What’s the best line to take on this......I’ve no idea how records are kept or obtained in India ?
    Cheers very much,

  8. timuk

    timuk Well-Known Member

    Sorry don't know the answer to Indian records though I seem to recollect that many/most were damaged due to being badly stored. I don't think India was very interested in British Indian Army records when independence came. Someone on here should know the answer.

  9. John Mulhall

    John Mulhall Member

    Cheers Tim
  10. Maureene

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    Your neighbour could try the National Archives of India, see the FIBIS Fibiki page Indian Army, section National Archives of India. However it is possible that you may need to know the Army number (this aspect is currently unclear).
    Indian Army - FIBIwiki

  11. bamboo43

    bamboo43 Very Senior Member

    To continue Maureen's theme. I was once able to access a South African officers service records (3rd Gurkha Rifles) via the British Library archive. It might be worth an enquiry.
  12. John Mulhall

    John Mulhall Member

    Hi Maureen......Many thanks
  13. John Mulhall

    John Mulhall Member

    Cheers Bamboo

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