Passing of Albert Dupont formerly of the Vienne Maquis

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  1. It has come to my attention that a very brave and loyal Frenchman called Albert Dupont passed away earlier this month.

    During WW2 Albert had been a courier for Colonel ChĂȘne who commanded all the Maquis forces in the Vienne region. Also for a short while he acted as interpreter to B Sqn of the 1st S.A.S. during Operation Bulbasket under John Tonkin in June 1944.

    It could be said that Albert was only a small cog in the Maquis system, but his contribution was as important and given by him with the same sense of patriotism and steadfast bravery, as many Frenchman (and Belgiums and Dutch etc).

    Rest in peace Albert. Duty nobly done.
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    RIP Albert Dupont.
    As someone living in SW France, credit and respect needs to be given to the many french families and individuals who risked their lives because they wanted to do the right thing.
    The Gascons here certainly didn't kowtow to Vichy.

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