Pargny-sur-saulx french national cemetery

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    I was sent this photo today by Peter Bennett. An Australian Fl/Sgt Colin Frederick Allen is the only Commonwealth burial.

    Would surely be the easiest headstone ever to find.

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    My name is Stephen Kluver. My father was on the same crew as Colin Allen. The Pilot Thomas Davis is buried near by HEILTZ-LE-MAURUPT CHURCHYARD. I am currently in France to visit these graves. I have attached a photo of the crew. Colin is on the fair left and Tom is third from left. I can send photos of my visit if you are interested.
  3. spidge


    Hi Stephen,

    Thank you for the photo. Please post any photos here as many would be pleased to see them.

    Details of the loss:

    Davis_TEW 1600x1200.jpg

    Thomas Edward William Davis was born in Sydney New South Wales
    Colin Frederick Allen was born in Brisbane Queensland.

    :poppy: :poppy:

    Date of Death: 19 July 1944.


    AWM 64 (1/427) (1/432); AWM 237 (63) (64); AWM 65 (1170)
    NAA: A705, 166/11/161, 166/9/357
    W R Chorley: RAF Bomber Command Losses of the Second World War: Page 337, Volume 1944.

    Aircraft Type: Lancaster
    Serial number: R 5845
    Radio call sign: PO – F
    Unit: 467 Sqn RAAF


    Lancaster R5845 took off from RAF Waddington at 2256 hours on the night of 18/19th July 1944 to destroy a railway junction at Revigny, France. Bomb load 11 x 1000lb, 3 x 500lb bombs. Nothing was heard from the aircraft after take off and it did not return to base. Eight aircraft from the Squadron took part in the raid and two of these including R5845 failed to return.


    RAAF 420173 FO Davis, T E W Captain (Pilot)
    RAAF 417466 PO Edgerley, M W (Navigator) (EVADED)
    RAAF 424274 Flt Sgt L W McGowan, (Bomb Aimer) (EVADED)
    RAAF 418751 Sgt D V Kelly (Wireless Operator Air Gunner) (EVADED)
    RAF Sgt W F Marshall, (Flight Engineer) (EVADED)
    RCAF FO Haddlesey, E F DFC (Air Gunner) (POW)
    RAAF 434218 Flt Sgt C F Allen (Air Gunner)

    Post war it was established that the aircraft when homebound was intercepted by a night fighter whose engagement fire killed the Rear Gunner Flt Sgt Allen. The rest baled out but the body of FO Davis was found near the crash site between Heilitz-le-Maurupt (Marne) where he lies in the local churchyard, and Pargny-Sur-Saulk where Flt Sgt Allen is buried in the French National Cemetery. These two villages are 20kms ENE of Vitry-le-Francois.

    FO Haddlesey became a POW and the other four crew members survived, evaded capture and were returned safe to the UK.
    In a Feb 1945 report PO Edgerley said “I baled out at 0240 hours on 19 July and landed near Heilitz-le Maurupt. I buried my chute and mae west in the undergrowth and set out walking west along a river. Next day I met a Frenchman who said he could help me. He took me to a house in Juissecourt-Minecourt where I stayed four weeks. On 19 August
    taken to a farmhouse outside Cheminon where I remained until 1st Sept 1944 when Allied troops entered town. On 2 Sept sent to Paris and interrogated by IS9. Arrived UK Sept 44.
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    Good afternoon

    My wife's father was W F Marshall who was also on the same crew. He is 3rd from the right in the photograph.

    Best wishes

    Eg Aberson

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