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    It was being at Brookwood yesterday that made me think slightly out of the box. Army personnel missing in action, therefore must be on the Brookwood Memorial. With help from Geoff's search engine, it provided the data from the dates given.

    Do to an excellent lead from Ramacal, I think you will find that these were some of the casualties, not paratroopers, but all attached to SOE.


    All executed at executed Mauthausen, Austria 6th or 7th Sept 1944


    Launch the attached and put executed Mauthausen into search
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    I remember a couple of photos of ss from Mauthausen on trial included in the book,although i could'nt access Phils link i did manage to find a site on the Dachau trials.
    I was specifically looking for a certain ss guard i remembered seeing in the book as he was supposedly one of the worst,but could'nt find him.

    With the lack of details emerging even i'm having doubts,if i find a picture of the fair haired,gangly,long faced ss guard i'll know iv'e not dreamed this up.Not sure what rank he was,but he was'nt a private,i'll carry on looking for the ss man,and hope that provides a lead or ignites my memory.

    Found the ss men,George Bachmayer and Andreas Trumm,especially recall a photo of Andreas Trumm in the book,but on his own,possibly being sentenced,i still can't work out why theres a lack of information available as i remember reading that the British were first at Dachau and used for wearing in German Army boots before being sent to Mauthhausen.

    One thing i don't recall reading,and that was any SS being convicted of the British murders.
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    At Mauthausen,according to a memorial plaque on the wall behind the crematorium, lie the ashes of 40 Dutch SOE agents ex "Operation North Pole" murdered along with 7 British SOE agents on September 6 and 7 1944. Their ashes were buried along the wall by Yugoslav and Russian prisoners at great risk to themselves.

    The Jewish parachutists were from the "Hagana" unit via Palestine and were operating in British uniiform.4 were captured along with Abba Berditchev (whose background I am unaware of) and were murdered in early 1945.4 British officers are included in this figure as being murdered but probably refers to the fact that legally, by wearing British officer's uniform,they were British combatants.

    Incidentally, the description "parachutists" as far as the Germans was concerned, was "synonymous" with "terrorists" as distinct from paratroopers who normally were not destined for "special treatment"

    Dachau and Mauthausen were in the battlefield operational area of the Us Army and hence both camps were liberated by US troops.At Dachau, it led to the killing of SS guards who had been recently posted there while the previous thugs had been moved on.There was also an incident recorded where a SS officer said to be heavily perfumed tried to hand over the camp to the first US troops he met.When the state of the camp,its inmates and its inhumanity was witnessed,the SS officer was shot on the spot.

    A similar fate awaited Franz Ziereis, the bloodthirsty sadist commandant of Mauthausen when it was liberated in early May 1945.Its very hard to understand how these thugs thought that there would be no reaction to their excesses when they came face to face with reality.

    Most of Ziereis's SS henchmen were hunted down after the war with the exception of Hans Gogl, the camp guard commander, who unbelievingly, continued to live in Mauthausen, taking up the occupation of a clockmaker.Gogl was heavliy involved in the Dutch SOE and British SOE murders of September 1944 but was tracked down by Simon Wiesenthal in 1964.Alas he was acquitted in two trials ,the last being in 1978 when he testified that he was not able to remember the the 47 prisoners.

    A total of 122.766 prisoners were murdered at Mauthausen,of these, 32.180 were Soviet officers,NCOs and civilians who were murdered under the infamous Hitler "Bullet" decree which laid down special treatment for such captives.
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    I'm pretty sure wtid and myself have both read the same book,i do recall quite a few Dutch being cruelly treated and being pushed,forced off the edge of the quarry.

    But according to the book i read the British died after being forced up and down the steps carrying heavy rocks,i'm also pretty sure that somewhere in the region of 26 men died in the second group,
    The book was full of eyewitness accounts of cruelties to all prisoners and especially the torments of the SS gaurds telling groups of prisoners they would be killed one at a time,it could have been weekly,or monthly,theres quite a bit of detail on the last year or so as a prisoner who worked with the camp records saved a lot of prisoner records etc.

    The only authors name it could have been from a list of Mauthausen authors iv'e looked at,is Evelyn Le Chene...i'm not 100 per cent sure thats correct but i don't think its any of the other 35.

    Best of luck wtid.
    Pike, not seen you on in a while, but I got hold of the book by Le Chene, you mention will read it and post anything that ties in with what you mention.
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    "Secret War" was on the Military Channel again here in Michigan recently. Why was Hermann Giskes not hanged by the allies after the war? That and he had a face only a mother would love.
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    Amongst the Allied military officers executed at Flossenbürg were Special Operations Executive (SOE) agent Gustave Daniel Alfred Biéler (executed 6 September 1944). As Germany's defeat loomed, a number of the SOE agents whom the SS had tortured repeatedly in order to extract information, were executed on the same day.

    Many years ago I was at Flossenburg, on the British memorial was a fresh birthday card left there from a daughter of one of the British agents killed there to her father. The ink on the writting had started to run because of the rain. It was a very moving thing to see and read. It did not have a name on it.

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