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    Thanks for sharing I really enjoyed reading your links
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    good day roodymiller,sm.yesterday, you for your very interesting post,i watched your links.most interesting,we had both our dogs in the army.dont know what made it home.he was deliverd by the military wars end.he jumped out of there van and greeted menbers of the family as if he never left.a wonderfull moment.thank you for posting.regards bernard85
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    Thanks Andrew, very interesting!

    There are some great pics in the Liverpool Echo article as well.

    Regards ...
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    I can follow that up by advising that according to the 52nd Troop Carrier Wing report into Op Varsity, 316 TC, Serial B-4, Carried 2 x Dog... as per extract from report below... dropped 1 and returned 1 as "non-effective"...

    Not sure if these will be the same dogs!




    Reading the Varsity report further... unit carried "6th British Division" to Hamminkeln DZ.
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    For Operation Varsity the 316th Troop Carrier Group flew out of RAF Wethersfield and according to the Pegasus Archive:

    "The 9th Battalion, with the detachments of the 3rd Parachute Squadron and 224th Field Ambulance in tow, went to Wethersfield. 5th Parachute Brigade Headquarters and the 13th Battalion were also to take-off from here, whilst the remainder of the Brigade; the 7th and 12th Battalions with elements of the 591st Parachute Squadron and 225th Field Ambulance, were assigned Boreham."

    The 13th Battalion left from Wethersfield so it probably was Bing. I wonder what happened with the other dog?

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    Private Lightning!

    Good one Rob. It must have been a delight for you to first discover the video account of Bob Mullin.

    Ok, I got to admit I fell prey to the cuteness factor of the following YouTube clip ... :P

    Regard ... :)
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    Here's another news story on the British Paradogs with other pics. Both Bing and Monty jumped over the Rhine so I'm not sure what dog the "non-effective" label would refer to? It could be another pair altogether. According to one commentator there were at least 5 paradogs dropped on D-Day so I would assume there were more that two on the Rhine Drop.

    Paradogs of War - Mirror News

    A couple of articles on the use of paradogs by American forces during WW2, some of which were dropped into battle.

    US Canines In Combat - WW2

    Parachuting Dogs - Defense Media Network

    No date is given for the following video - possibly a post war training exercise in Canada by American forces.

    Regards ....

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