Parachute Regimental Association Ball 1947

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    The First Parachute Regimental Association Ball July 1947 (Tatler)

    Here are some of the officers pictured assume these are they:

    Capt. Robert Wilson Gordon, M.C. (96687) 3rd Parachute Brigade/ 1st Bn Royal Ulster Rifles

    Brigadier S.J.L. Hill, 3rd Parachute Brigade

    Capt. W.V.A. Gell, 250 (Airborne) Light Composite Company, RASC No.3 Para Platoon & 3rd Para Jeep Section (1st Airlanding Brigade) captured Arnhem

    Major G. Bell, 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion (?)

    Major Anthony Heritage Farar-Hockley, M.C. (251309) 6th (Royal Welch) Parachute Battalion

    W/Lt. John Morris Neill, M.C. (180599) 6th (Royal Welch) Parachute Battalion wounded Greece 11th December 1944

    Lt-Col. John Tilley, 8th Parachute Battalion

    Lt-Col. Edward James O'Brien Croker, M.C. (44846) 12th Parachute Battalion wounded 6th April 1945

    Lt-Col. Colin Gray, MBE
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    This is an interesting pic. Thanks for posting.

    Farrar-Hockley was also slightly wounded in Athens om 6th December 1944.

    The MC recommendations for Farrar-Hocklley and Neill from the fighting in Athens are "missing",

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    Hello Gus, thought I could remember seeing a reference to TFH's MC citation somewhere in the past, and after a bit of digging out in the book boxes found this.

    From "OFT IN DANGER" by Jonathon Riley (chapter 5). I've included the author's references from where the quotes/information was sourced from. Hope it's of interest.

    Kind regards, always,


    P.S. I forget more than I can remember nowadays, so this was a plus.



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    Thanks very much for this Jim.

    There were nearly 100 official medal recommendations missing from TNA of chaps fighting in Greece in 1944/45..

    I have slimmed it down to less than 50 finding by alternative sources now, so this helps a lot.

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    Lt Col Croker's MC citation for Normandy is a very impressive one for a Major. It reds as follows
    On 19th July 1944 Major Croker's company led a battalion attack on the village of Puten en Auge. The village was occupied by about 160 Germans and the position had a large number of automatic weapons in it. Mortar and MG fire was intense. The two leading platoons became completely pinned down by fire by the time that half the village was cleared and the situation looked desperate. Major Croker then led the third platoon personally against one of the strong points consisting of three houses. He personally killed 3 Germans with his rifle and when a serjeant was wounded he immediately attacked his assailant and killed him with a fighting knife. As soon as this strong point fell the enemy lost heart and the remainder of the village was rapidly captured. It was mainly due to the courage, ferocity and personal leadership and complete disregard of danger that Major Croker that the whole of its garrison was either killed or captured. His example was an inspiration to the whole battalion.

    Later awarded a MBE for Mlaya

    Clearly a very brave officer.


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