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    Could anyone let me know the style of the original WW 2 blue Parachute Regiment shoulder title badge, i have seen two types, one has the wording stitched on and the other is printed, did it change from stitched to printed during WW 2 or were they both used during this period.

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    Hi Tiswas,

    The impression I get is that the embroidered and printed versions of the Parachute Regiment title were both available not long after design and creation. In the book "British Airborne Insignia" by Lock it is claimed General Browning insisted that the printed type was to be worn for every day dress.

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    Thanks for the info.
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    while on this subject, could someone explain when the Army Air Corps and Parachute Regiment shoulder title were created and when the Army air Corps was replaced by the Parachute Regiment title?
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    The Army Air Corps was officially formed on February 24th, 1942 and was initially the administrative body of the Glider Pilot Regiment. I've also seen the earlier date of December 21, 1941 given for it's formation. The Parachute Regiment was officially recognized on August 1st, 1942 and also came under the administration of the AAC. I suppose the Airlanding component and the many other associated Airborne units were also added at some point as was the SAS in January of 1944.

    AO AAC.png AO Para GPR.png

    The "Parachute Regiment" title according to the PDF above would have come into production sometime after the Regiment's formation in August, 1942. As for the AAC title the book "Army Special Forces Insignia 1939-1948" claims:

    "The shoulder title read ARMY AIR CORPS; it was dark blue on light blue. This title was worn at the end of 1942 by men of HQ. In 1943 an epaulette tab with AAC in black on khaki was worn."


    The GPR and the AAC both shared the same cap badge introduced in August, 1942 and it was also worn by the Para Regiment for a time. From the same book:

    "The cap badge was the same as the Army Air Corps (see page 112) until May, 1943 when a new badge was authorized. This consisted of a pair of wings outspread horizontally; in the centre was an opened parachute with the royal crest on top. It came in silver or bronze for officers and white metal for other ranks and, in 1943, a chocolate brown, or silver grey plastic economy badge was made."

    AAC - GPR Badge.jpg Parachute Regiment Badge.jpg

    As the British Airborne changed and expanded during the course of the war so too did the insignia that was adopted in the various periods.

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