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    Panzer Rollen.
    The Logistics of a Panzer Division From Primary Sources.
    Edited by Bob Carruthers.


    127 pages
    ISBN: 9781473868809
    RRP: £12.99
    Panzer Rollen

    Odd thing, that isn't really what the subtitle suggests.

    Been trying to improve my understanding of the difference between Nations' logistical chains, so this seemed worth a look.
    Got a few by Bob Carruthers, usually Ok if not the heaviest reference. Mildly surprised to see something new from that quarter, but putting aside that there may well have been effort involved in editing & organising the content, his actual written input is two pages of introduction.

    The book turns out to be two US Military Intelligence Service translations of German manuals.

    1: MIS Information Bulletin 18. 15th June 1942.
    Original German title: The German Armoured Divison (1940)

    2: The German Motorised Infantry Regiment. (No US publication date given.)
    German title: Provisional Instructions for the Employment & Tactics of the Motorised Infantry Regiment & Battalion (March 1941)

    And... Errr... That's it. With 16 pages of quite nicely produced but familiar photographs between, and a short appendix containing fuel consumption, column length tables etc. from the documents.

    I can't deny they're quite interesting documents. Many tactical recommendations therein, and would doubtless answer the odd 'what would x German unit officially be expected to do in certain circumstances' question - attack, defence, rest, pursuit etc. - but despite some mention of resupply & ammunition I can't square the pair with that 'Logistics of a Panzer Division' title.

    If there was more clarity that it was 'two German training manual reprints' and somehow fitted into a set of such translations I might not have been so irked by it. but it feels a touch dishonest to title it so without any extra analysis given regarding logistics.
    Not a sausage.
    Sod all.

    So, yeah, those with an interest in German Armour will probably enjoy the documents - I did. They're decent stuff from a specific period (cue someone popping up saying 'here they are on Hyperwar' :unsure: ) - , but if you want to find out more on Logistics & supply, this is not the place.

    If only it'd been titled 'The Tactics of German Panzer & Motorised divisions from Training Manuals- 1940-41'.

    Cheers to P&S for the review copy.

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