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Discussion in 'War Grave Photographs' started by Philip Reinders, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. Philip Reinders

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    Went on the road again yesterday, also visited Jewish Cemetery were also this grave was, have seen another one in Arnhem:

  2. Paul Reed

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    They had served in Italy, and then moved to Belgium and Holland in July 1945. Not sure what they did there, however!
  3. Ivan1

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    There's an excellent book on this subject. Brigade by Howard Blum, which is, IMHO, a must read for everyone! This unit was made of mostly former members of Police back in Palestine. In Italy, it got through some vicious battles against the stubborn German defenders and fought more then well.

    After the war, individual members of this unit helped Jewish refugees, while others were conducting personal revenges. They usually tracked down an escaped SS officer, and after delivering him the spoken "court" decision, they shot him to the back of his head immidiately. A considerable number of German officers was executed this way.

    All of these events are very well described in the book!
  4. Philip Reinders

    Philip Reinders Very Senior Member

    Next time will also take a photo of the arnhem one
  5. Ron Goldstein

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