'Painting' fine black lines on 6mm vehicles

Discussion in 'Tabletop Games' started by LesCM19, Nov 9, 2009.

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    The first few goes at drybrushing a dusty highlight effect looked a bit like someone had been hurling mudbombs at it but I think I've got it down now, yes less is definitely more, Za. And no offence at all for any advice given .
    Love the scenic bases, Phil. When I was using WRG rules I based up the 4 figure infantry group as close as I could & they fit just right down my 1" to 100m country lanes but they are very fiddly & there is no room for scenics. But I am probably going to rethink my basing soon.
    Started the hobby in the 80's so half of my stuff is old H&R the other half the Navwar stuff I just bought. I never found an opponent interested in France 1940 so am currently training up my 7 year old.
    Phil, I have been looking at your blog and I am in the middle of crewing some PzJgr1s...watch this space!
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    Look forward to it mate, I first used microscale as we used to call it back in the 70's but only went back to WW2 about a year ago by which time the minis had long scattered to the winds but I still had tons of scenics.

    Figures wise there's much discussion too, I tend to use GHQ and Adler. The only problem being the GHQ packs have a bit of imbalance eg the brit packs have tons of prone bren gunners. PM me your address either here or at angelforum and I'll send you a few for comparison.

    Like I say come and join us over at Angel Barracks :: Index always rooms for one more.
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    The problem with this kind of photo comparisons is that these models are overblown. We have to bear in mind that these 1:300/1:285 models are 1.5 to 2cm long, and the not-so-good ones can never be made to look good under magnification like this.

    So the models are 2cm long and Phil's bases are 3,5cm big so these photos are really too big.

    Also these wargame models are supposed to come in groups, in units, and all together will have a much bigger effect than isolated. And the absolute truth is that with pretty bases like these we're really playing in an entirely different league. So much so that myself I am considering changing my game as my units are based in 2cm bases, and one really can't make miracles on bases so small so I'm changing to another system using bigger bases ;)

    On a different tack, I give you the Magic Dip :)


    And here for more on this.
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    I've some of that Magic Dip, I'm using it on 28mm zombies- find it's better brushed on than dipped though.

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