Paestum, Italy

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    I must admit I don't know much about the Italian campaign, but thought I'd post a few pictures of WWII sites I accidentally came across while visiting the Paestum archaeological site in Italy last week. Next to the hotel we stayed in at the beach was a park with a couple of monuments - one to US 36th Div and one to US 45th Div.
    IMG_0760.JPG IMG_0763.JPG
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    After googling "Paestum 1943" (apologies for my ignorance - I never realized the Allies landed so far south of Salerno!) I came across a photo of a stone tower and recognized it as the one right outside our hotel. It was used by German snipers during the landings. Here is a comparison between the photo from 1943 and one I took: untitled.png IMG_0765.JPG
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    Photo of the Paestum temples from 1943 and last week:
    immagine-storica-dello-sbarco-800x445.jpg IMG_0757.JPG

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