P/O. J. Lecky, 85 Squadron Combat Report 10th May 1940

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    P/O. John William Lecky, 85 Squadron Combat Report 10th May 1940

    ‘First Day of the Battle of France’ R.A.F. Combat Report.

    No. of Enemy Aircraft: 30 approx
    Type of Enemy Aircraft: Possible Do17 [Note: Later confirmed as He111].
    Time Attack was delivered: 0415 hrs.
    Place Attack was delivered: North Lille
    Height of Enemy: 10,000 feet
    Enemy Casualties: One probable
    Our Casualties: Nil.
    General Report: Scramble 0415 hours. North Lille. I climbed to 16,000 feet forming on section leader. Sea enemy aircraft and overhauled him from astern and opened fire. After second burst, rear gunner of enemy aircraft ceased to fire. I closed to 50 yards firing long burst and followed enemy aircraft down, which was smoking heavily from both engines. I went down to 2,000 feet. Lost enemy aircraft in darkness.’,

    Lecky, the son of William Lecky, of L’Ancresse, Guernsey, Channel Islands, died on 18 May 1940 and is buried in Etaples Military Cemetery, France Killed as result of a car accident while returning to unit after a spell of leave. Flight Lieutenant J.R.M. Boothby, also of No.85 Squadron, was injured in the same crash.

    Pilot Officer John William Lecky | War Casualty Details 2279175 | CWGC

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