Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry casualty June 1944

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    I am trying to find out some additional information about an OBLI soldier who died on wounds on the 10th June 1944, and who is buried at Hermanville War Cemetery -
    Private Bertram Brooks
    2nd (Airborne) Bn.
    Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry

    I have checked with the Soldiers of Oxfordshire Regiment, and consulted a few books (such as Devil's Own Luck by Dennis Edwards), and haven't been able to find out much more information.
    Does anyone have a copy of the 2nd Bn war diary for this period?
    I don't believe he was part of the Coup de Main party at Pegasus Bridge.

    I am asking on behalf of his cousin, who wanted to know more about what happened to him - so any information would be good.
    Thanks in advance
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    Hi Mathsmal.

    The WD for the 2nd Bn. Ox & Bucks is available on the Pegasus Archive. They were in the Herouvilliette and Escoville area at the time of Pte. Brooks' death. Although he could very well have been wounded earlier and died on June 10th.

    2nd Battalion The Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry

    There is a Brooks listed being among those who did not take part in the Coup de Main raid. From the nominal role also on the Pegasus Archive:

    "The following men were of No.24 Platoon but did not participate in the Coup-de-Main raid. Privates Orris, Davis, Batchelor, Irving, Brooks and Meredith."

    As you probably know a Brooks is shown in the D Coy unit photo standing 8th from left in second row.

    There was another Tonga glider, CN 38, out of RAF Brize Norton containing 28 men from the Ox & Bucks that landed on LZ N near Ranville. Unfortunately none are named.

    An Op Mallard glider cracked up on LZ W on the west side of the Canal containing Ox & Buck men. Pte. Brooks is not listed among those on board, although there is always a possibility he was missed. More information here:

    2nd Ox & Bucks helmet

    Sorry I couldn't find much else on your man but will keep an eye out.

    Regards ...
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    Brooks Household (3 People)
    Wellforts, Bullingdon R.D., Oxfordshire
    Richard Brooks -11 Aug 1873 - General Labourer (widower)
    Bertram Brooks - 07 Feb 1918 - Body Builder In Motor Factory
    Sorry, this record is officially closed
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    Many thanks for this information - this is really helpful. So it does look like he was part of D Coy but did not participate in the Coup-de-Main raid. I presume he joined them in the later wave of glider landings.
    If he was working at a Motor Factory, that would have been Cowley Works in Oxford - the Morris Motors factory - where BMW now produce Minis.

    I will keep on searching and will update with anything else I find.
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