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    Does anybody know of anyone who was at the OSS 101 camp at Nazira in Assam and is still alive (other than Sam Spector, who was only there for two weeks)?

    It is 99.9% certain that the Anglo-Burmese hunter nicknamed "Rocky", who is described in Behind the Burma Road and who taught jungle survival skills at Nazira, was my great uncle Robert "Bobby" Rae. I possess no definite photographs of Bobby as an adult, although I do have one definite and two probable ones of him as a child. However, I have two photographs which show a swarthy bloke who looks a lot like two of Bobby's brothers (without actually being either of them), standing with Jack Barnard and Red Maddox. I want to show these photographs to someone who was at Nazira, before it's too late, and see if they say "Yes, that's Rocky" - or even "No, that's Captain X."
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    I would suggest you try the OSS Society site they have a few 101 Veterans on there

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    I did - but Sam Spector was all they could come up with unfortunately, and he says he wasn't there long enough to recall any of the staff.

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