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    My uncle Lionel Cornelius served with the OSS Detachment 101, B Group in Burma 1943. The whole group was captured and executed after parachuting into Lawsawk. I have scant information other than a few mentions in books on the OSS and these pictures:
    There are some other pictures of other groups for anyone that is interested. If anyone has any further information please let me know - I dont even know which one is my uncle as all his other siblings are now dead.

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    Can't add anything to help with tracing your uncle, but thank you for linking to that excellent article.

    I have come across one reference to Detachment 101 in a British war diary (the April 1945 diary of 1st Battalion Royal Scots Fusiliers, of 29 Brigade Group, 36 Infantry Division). 1 RSF's 'D' Company launched a rescue mission after receiving reports of a crashed transport plane, which turned out to be carrying personnel of Detachment 101 on operations in North Burma. Here's the page in case anyone is interested in the story:

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    Have you tried contacting the owner of this website. Although it deals with Force 136 and not OSS, the incident involving your Uncle might ring a bell.

    The Operations of SOE Burma
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    Joe Baugher's excellent site has:
    38585 (MSN 4534) to USAAF Jul 19, 1942 - Ferried overseas via the North Atlantic. Patterson Field, Reykjavik, Iceland to Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, Scotland 2 Oct 42. Eighth Air Force UK 19 Nov 42. Oran, Algeria 2Feb43. Tenth Air Force, Karachi, India 1 Oct 44. 315th Troop Carrier Squadron, 443rd Troop Carrier Group, Ledo, India. MIA Burma Apr 1, 1945 when hit high ground Bhamo, Burma with 443rd TCG. MACR 13652. Condemned May 31, 1945.
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