Orkney Wireless Museum

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    I am a volunteer at the Orkney Wireless Museum which is open from the spring to the autumn every year (it's closed now).

    The museum is currently the only one in the whole of the islands that covers the massive involvement of Orkney in World War 2 (the big museum of the World Wars on the island of Hoy is closed for an upgrade till 2021).

    On the website you can see some of the amazing World War 2 military communications equipment there to see - some of it unique (as far as we know).

    Orkney Wireless Museum

    The museum also has an archive of photographs covering the war years.

    There are also many radios and gramophones from the earliest days of these types of technology.

    The museum is entirely volunteer-run and is funded entirely by contributions and visitor fees.

    I would suggest that any person interested in the communications war planning a visit to Orkney would really enjoy a visit to the Wireless Museum.
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    That sounds really interesting! I want to go to Orkney to see the Stone Age homes as well.
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    Totally agree Barbara, must pay a visit on my next Scotland trip.
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    I’m pleased to report I went to Orkney and saw it’s remarkable ancient sites. It was the highlight of a long trip to Britain.
    Sadly the Wireless Museum was closed when I was free to visit. Next time...

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