Original Photo Showing the Advance of tanks of the 9th Panzer Division in the Auxerre area, France,

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    This photo is from the estate of Obergereiter Eugen Wilhelm. His military service began in November 1937. In 1940 he was with the 33rd Infantry Division and participated in the western Campaign. In May 1940 the division was attached to Panzer Group Kleist, and followed in reserve behind the advance into the Low Countries, through Luxembourg and Bastogne. Marching into France, it reached the battle front near St Quentin, and took up defensive positions along the Somme at Peronne. It built a bridgehead across the river, which was used by the armored divisions of XVI motorised Army Corps in the relaunch of the German offensive on 6 June 1940. Attacking alongside the panzers the division broke through the Weygand line, and advanced to the south.

    In mid-1940 he remained in France as part of the an occupational force, and in Belgium from early 1941. July 1941 transported to Finland. October 1942 Central section of the eastern front with an observation detachment. May 1944 transferred to Southern Sector (Galicia), September 1944 Withdrawal to Hungary.

    He took this photo while he was moving with the 9th Panzer division in France, 1940. On the back it’s captioned “Deutscher Panzer (Weg nach Villechétive)”/ “German Tank (road to Villechétive)"
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