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Discussion in 'General' started by Doug Lewis, Jun 10, 2004.

  1. Doug Lewis

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    Could anyone give or direct me to the Order of Battle for the British 59th Division.

    Regards Doug.
  2. MalcolmII

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    59th was placed in suspended animation October 1944. It's only Battle Honours are Caen and Mount Picon.

    176 Brigade, 7th South Staffs, 6th North Staffs, 7th North Staffs (till 1942) 7th R Norfolk,
    177 Brigade, 5th S Staffs, 1/6th S Staffs, 2/6th S Staffs,
    197 Brigade, 2/5th Lancashire Fus (till 1942), 2/6th Lanc Fus, 5th E Lancs, 1/7th R Warwickshires.
    MG and Support was 7th R Northumberland Fus.
    61st, 116th, 110th Field Reg RA, 68th AT Reg RA, 68th LAA Reg RA,
    509th, 510th,257th, Field Co RE, 511th Field Park Co RE 24th Bridging Platoon RE,
    RASC RAOC RAMC units not known.
    after break up 197 Brigade became a battlefield clearance group with the REME RAOC and Pioneer Corps attached.

    ps. more info here http://www.morssweb.com/59div/
  3. Doug Lewis

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    Thanks for the information my interest is obviously in the South Staffordshire Rgt,especially the 6th Btn,in addition to "Caen" their battle Honours were "Noyers" and "Falaise",for some unexplained reason they didn't get the "Dunkirk" Honour but received the all embracing "North West Europe 1940" Honour.
    Thanks again for your help.

    Regards Doug.

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