Order of Battle D-Day@ Normandy

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    Any book that provides Order of Battle for D-Day and Normandy like the way Charles Macdonald does in A Time For Trumpets". A book similar in it's approach to the battle as well.


  2. angie999

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    Check out the "Units involved on D-day" thread on Battle Specifics regarding the British OOB.

    American divisions involved on D-day itself were:

    Omaha beach: 1st and 29th Infantry, supported by 2nd and 5th Ranger battalions
    Utah beach: 4th Infantry
    Airborne: 82nd and 101st

    Sorry but I lack the information to provide full details.

    Max Hastings in Overlord gives a British OOB for the Normandy campaign down to battalion level and a list of American corps and divisions.
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    Thanks Angie999

    I appreciate the feedback, Max Hastings may be the book then. I am aware of the units on D-Day but was looking for a book similar in the way Charles Macdonald and Carlo D'este "Bitter Victory", provide the Order of Battle at end of book. Does Hasting's provide same re: German Order of Battle.


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    I recommend the sutton publishing 'battlezone normandy' series. All the battle details, far more unit detail etc than can be posted here and touring information all in one.

    You can find all the details on these books on my website.


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    Max Hastings will get you the British/Canadian OB for Normandy.

    "Cross-Channel Attack," by Gordon Harrison, the US Army Official History, should get you the American OB.

    Naval: start with Samuel Eliot Morison's "Invasion of France and Germany" for the US version, and the British Official History, by Roskill or Ellis, for theirs. The naval OBs have been pretty well done.

    My wargame Atlantic Wall has a pretty complete OB for both sides, as well. However, my other game, Longest Day, differs with it. You decide. :lol:

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