Optivisor or Helping Hands or alternative?

Discussion in 'Modelling' started by Belgian Dave, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. Belgian Dave

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    I am currently building up to what I intend to be something quite special to me. A small diorama of two Vickers MkVI from 1st RTR in the desert. I hope to mount it on a base which will include a little written piece concerning 1st RTR, and a photo of my Grandfather who drove such tanks.

    Up to now, I've been happy to work to a certain level, but for this one, im upping the bar, and really going for it. Something that holds me back is the lack of light, and the ability to accurately cut, place and paint parts. So im considering going for an optivisor type thing, or a helping hands with magnifier, or a magnifier with built in light.
    Does anyone have some advise on what they find good/bad about these pieces of equipment? I have tried a magnifier before on a flexible stand, but found it only had a small sweet spot, the curvature really made it difficult. Also, how is the optivisor with glasses? I think being short sighted, I may not need my glasses on, but if I do, they are quite large frames so will they fit under an optivisor?
  2. von Poop

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    Never got on with helping hands or visor back when I could afford models, but always found the big angle-poise illuminated magnifier very handy for photo-etch sorta stuff.
    Made the mistake of getting a non-fluorescent one though, so sometimes burnt hands/models.
  3. Za Rodinu

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    I manage rather well with an optivisor, I got mine from Proops Brothers long ago. It came with a selection of lenses but I work with the strongest ones only. It fits well over my spectacles, but normally I do well withouth them.

    In any case I am thinking of buying one of those models of a magnifying glass on an articulated stand, with a fluorescent ring around it, so I'm covered on both sides :)

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