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    Maybe this isnt the right site to post this question, but maybe someone can point my in the right direction.

    Can anyone shed light on some of the operation my uncle was involved in during Vietnam?

    Scotland II, Eager Yankee, Houston, Swift Play II, Allen Brooke, Nameluke Thrust, Talledega Canyon, Maui Peak, Sabine Draw, Daring endeavor, Meade River, Taylor Common, Oklahoma Hill

    They took place in Quang Tri, Thua Thein, Quang Nam Provinces. He was with the USMC, the ops took place from Apr of 68 to Apr of 69.
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    Someone may help you here but try ww2 forums..mostly usa guys..talk to slipdigit or formerjughead or A58 there.. but do come back..we wont pinch yer wallet like uncle sams boys.
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    Hi Recon, As Urqh has said this is more of a WW2 site than a Vietnam one but best of luck with your enquiry
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    Hello and welcome.

    I wish you well with your research.

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    Hi and welcome to the forum....You may be interested to know that I have posted a lot of original video footage from Vietnam in the post war section.

    Good luck with your research :)


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