Operation Veritable +65 years

Discussion in 'All Anniversaries' started by Owen, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. Koshkin

    Koshkin Member

    I am studying the artillery side of Operation Veritable.
    The images in posts 4 and 8 of the Fire Plan for the opening bombardment are missing - can anyone supply these or tell me where I might find them on the web?
  2. Bedee

    Bedee Well-Known Member


    The pictures of the Operation Veritable Fireplan are not visible / downloadable anymore.
    Could you send me these digital. Actually the breaks between the shootings are intresting me, where and why are these location.

    I do bymyself some Hobby investigations and prepare a BFT for my colleges. But the a special based on Civil and Militairy actions.

    Please let me know, greets Bernhard
  3. Rob Dickers

    Rob Dickers 10th MEDIUM REGT RA

    I have sent you a PM, re: "Veritable"

  4. Wapen

    Wapen Member

    Hi Rob,
    I'm hoovering up a lot of diaries for a project on Veritable but don't really understand Arty jargon. Could I trade some of my legwork for some of your knowledge?

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