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    While trying to identify the aircraft, aircrews and crash sites of US aircraft lost in Operation Varsity I recently had a closer look at the "US Combat Bulletin" No. 49/1945.

    The report on Varsity starts at TC 13:45 - the images of the crash site are to be found at TC 22:56
    At first I thought this would be close to the Rhine - but what we see at the bottom is too narrow for the Rhine. As there are parachutes it has to be close to one of the US DZs (W or X) or one of the British DZs (A or B).

    A look at the map revealed that it is just west of DZ A (Ellern/Bergerfurth).
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    The aerial photographs taken on March 25th also cover this area - but the charred wreckage of the aircraft is no longer recognizable:
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    Hello Cee - all the best from me, too. Hope you'll recover soon!

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