Operation Varsity Commemoration 24th March 2019

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    No fly over this year I believe which is a shame. if you're in the area, the service is worth attending.

    Less and less veterans off course now.
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    South East Essex PRA will be planting and dedicating a tree after service.
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    A Memorable Service

    Standing in that that quiet wooded glade in the warm spring sunlight close by where the Gliders took off this day 74 years ago.

    The Last Post

    As the silence started an aircraft took off from the nearby airstrip and it seemed very fitting as the sounds of its engines echoed around the woods.

    As the sounds faded out a pair of mewing Buzzard's wheeled above the Ceremony.

    Two Glider Pilot souls?

    Who knows.
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    Yes, that was a bit of a coincidence with light aircraft.

    :poppy:Attendance was a much bigger than expected. The service itself could have run smoother, but none the less we remembered those who never came back and those who have since passed away.

    The Richard Dimbleby recording played at the beginning seemed to be of interest as we had a few comments.
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  6. The Richard Dimbleby recording played at the beginning seemed to be of interest as we had a few comments.[/QUOTE]

    A version of this recording including Stanley Maxted's account of his flight in a Hamilcar is available here. Well worth 20 minutes of your time. It makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up every time I hear it.

    http://secure.toolkitfiles.co.uk/clients/22828/sitedata/files/Operation Varsity.mp3

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    An American Oak tree sapling , presented by South East Essex Parachute Regiment Association was dedicated to the memory of American Air Crew who lost their lives on airborne Operations.
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    A few images from last Sunday:

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