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    Hi All,

    Trying to help out a longtime contact here. He has been given some detail about an attempt by special forces to execute an amphibious landing on Phuket in 1945, which was a disaster and resulted in the annihilation of the Allied Forces taking part. He has found absolutely nothing on line about this operation, codenamed 'Roger'.

    Can anyone shine some light on this?

    Many thanks

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    Answering my own question, I see that there are at least three files at the TNA about this operation. Has anyone seen any of these or come across any participants.

    An further help much appreciated.

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    I stopped counting at 36 files ;)
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    Allason proposed to Mountbatten an airborne operation to move the front line forward, launched from an insignificant island called Phuket. To Churchill’s amusement, Allason christened it Operation Roger; the airfield led to Phuket (now pronounced differently) becoming a major tourist resort.

    About Roger
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    Thanks for all the input. I'm making steady progress, with an eye on not getting to waylaid by this topic for fear of deflection from my own. ;)

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