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  1. Apparently,the 1939 Michelin Guide was also issued by the Allies for the invasion.It was also said that the Germans used the same edition in their blitzkrieg operation into France.

    Perhaps Brian (Sapper) can confirm some of these points.

    I can confirm it. I still have the map issued to my father in 1944. It appears to be a direct copy of the Michelin map, on good quality paper as it is unyellowed and not brittle. The map itself bears the Michelin symbols at several locations. It is bound to a cover of less quality paper, brown colored with the US Army information printed on it. The map itself is in four or five five colors, covers southern France on one side, northern France, Belgium, souther Holland, & the edge of Germany on the other side. My father used it when leading his air squadrons ground element from south England to the forward airfield near Rheims in September 1944.

    He also had a "escape" map of Germany. It was printed on silk. Unfortunatly it was destroyed in a fire in 1972.
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    Hi Carl,

    Any chance of some detailed pictures or scans of it ?

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    I took some photos of the Bogus maps in the Firepower archive. These false names on Bogus Maps were more than a Pre D Day security measure. False names for towns continued to be issued. Here are a list issued by VIII Corpsas part of their Op Epsom orders.

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    From 48 Royal Marine Commando: The Story: 1944-46:


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