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  1. soglejr

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    Does anybody know of any good references on Operation Nord Pol (1942 - early 44)? The one in the Netherlands, not the Eastern Front.

    Thanks for the assist.
  2. Jedburgh22

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    There are books by Herman Giskes from the German view, by Dourlein from one of the Dutch participants angle and the interrogations of some of the German participants post WWII
  3. soglejr

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    London Calling North Pole. Got it. Thanks
  4. soglejr

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    ...and Doulein's book is, Inside North Pole: A Secret Agent's Story.
  5. horsapassenger

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    Leo Marks book "Between Silk and Cyanide" is an interesting read as it covers the failures to identify the warnings contained in the messages that were sent back
  6. PsyWar.Org

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    Slightly off-topic but Giskes would later work for the West German Foreign Intelligence Service (Gehlen organisation).

    In the 1950's he attempted to plant a spy in the Suffolk home of Daily Express foreign correspondent Sefton Delmer.
    Delmer was trying to expose the number of former Nazis being re-employed in the Bundesrepublik. Funny old world.
  7. Jedburgh22

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    There is also a film a good representation of Giskes' book titled House of Intrigue in English, it starred Curt Jurgens the original was Italian Londra chiama Polo Nord. (1956). It had a US release in 1959 but as far as I know no UK release

    A German version can be viewed at https://archive.org/details/CurdJuergensLondonRuftNordpol
  8. soglejr

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    The movie sounds interesting. I'll see if i can find it some where. Thanks for the tip.
  9. Harry Ree

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    E H Cookridge's Inside SOE also covers the Englandspiel in a dedicated chapter on the subject...a publication which was published by circumventing any British official endorsement.

    However there is an equally good account of the deception and its aftermath in Nicholas Kelso's Errors of Judgement.(1988)

    Additionally, the Dutch Government released an official report in late1950 on the matter following their Parliamentary Inquiry which was before other participants involved had published their accounts.Then in 1984,the BBC released a 8 part series on the SOE which presented one programme dedicated to the Dutch Section SOE....Leo Marks features and outlined his involvement in unmasking and terminating Englandspiel.

    Incidentally,postwar, Giskes,a former member of the Abwehr, was not charged with any war crime and was released without charge

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