Operation Manna Remembered

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    A short movie, partly English spoken about the food droppings in the Netherlands. It saved many Dutch lives, 19 Dutchmen were killed
    because they got a foodparcel on the head.

    YouTube - Operatie 'Manna' feestelijk herdacht

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    Always had a soft spot for these missions, putting bombers to a posetive use.

    Operation Manna
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    Some IWM Collections photos:

    Operation MANNA. Ground crew loading food supplies into slings for hoisting into the bomb bay of an Avro Lancaster of No. 514 Squadron RAF at Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire. Between 29 April and 7 May 1945, Lancasters of Bomber Command dropped 6,672 tons of food to the starving populace of a large area in Western Holland still in German hands.

    Operation MANNA: the air movement of food and supplies to the Dutch populace. Ground crew prepare to load sacks of food into the bomb-bay of an Avro Lancaster of No. 514 Squadron RAF at Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire.

    Ground crew of No 514 Squadron at Waterbeach load cement bags full of foodstuffs into the bomb bay of a Lancaster, 29 April 1945. The food would be dropped to the starving Dutch in those parts of Holland still occupied by the Germans, as part of Operation 'Manna'.
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    April 29th 1945

    The Dutch first heard of the plans for Operation Manna on April 24th when it was announced by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Then on April 29th the people of Holland heard the BBC announce, "Bombers of the Royal Air Force have just taken off from their bases in England to drop food supplies to the Dutch population in enemy-occupied territory."

    A seventeen year old student at the time, Arie de Jong wrote, "There are no words to describe the emotions experienced on that Sunday afternoon. More than 300 four-engined Lancasters, flying exceptionally low, suddenly filled the western horizon." Arie's diary recorded, "One could see the gunners waving in their turrets. A marvellous sight. One Lancaster roared over the town at 70 feet. I saw the aircraft tacking between church steeples and drop its bags in the South. Everywhere we looked, bombers could be seen. No one remained inside and everybody dared to wave cloths and flags. What a feast! Everyone is excited with joy. The war must be over soon now."

    p_manna1.jpg p_manna2.jpg p_manna3.jpg p_manna4.jpg
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    Operation Manna well remembered by those who delivered and those who received.

    Some other references from the forum.....Dutch Liberation

    No 83 Squadron (Lincoln B2s.....intended to be designated as the Lancaster Mark V) celebrated the 10th Anniversary in April 1945 by a flypast over the dropping zones.

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    The codename 'Operation Manna' had already been used during the liberation Greece in October 1944.

    The RAF and RAF Regiment were both heavily involved, totalling over 4000 officers and airmen.

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    Not wishing to go off topic but since the Greek operation of the same name was mentioned, my late father was in the 4th Reconnaissance Corps.
    His unit was taken out of the Gothic Line at Christmas 1944 and shipped to Greece to help the other units there.
    He received a nice medal and scroll from the Greek Government, which I have integrated into his medal collection and cap badge etc.
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    My dad D H Brooker now 91 took part in Operation Manna, he was in RASC AD during the war.
    update, he passed away age 93 RIP.
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    Bump thread as it started 75 years ago today.
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