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    My uncle Henry John Kempton was an air gunner stationed at raf tempsford his aircraft went down over Chekoslovakia all the crew died I know that the operation he was on was called operation iridium but try as I may I can find nothing at all about this on the web anyone know why this could be. Thanks
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    Do you know the date? Squadron?
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    Halifax DG245 No. 161 (Special Duties) Squadron 14 March 1943

    This will get you started: Tempsford Squadrons Prior notes

    Operation Iridium seems to have been a joint Czech/SIS affair.

    As one of the crew (J15535 F/O Richard Winter TAYLOR, DFC) was RCAF, a little more information becomes available.

    Please note the link above has his surname as Winter.



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    Aircraft lost on Allied Force’s Special Duty Operations & Associated Roll of Honour

    Halifax MK V
    MA - W

    161 Sqdn RAF

    F/Lt Alfred Ellis Prior DFM, RAFVR - Pilot - killed
    Sgt Francis Douglas Bell RAFVR - Rear Gunner - killed
    Sgt John Henry Kempton RAFVR - Gunner /Dispatcher - killed
    F/O Alfred John Kingham RAFVR - 2 Pilot - nd killed
    P/O George McWilliam RAFVR - Wireless Op - killed
    Sgt Felix James Mowles RAF - Flight Engineer - killed
    F/O Richard Winter Taylor DFC & Bar RCAF - Navigator - killed
    All aircrew originally buried at Munchen
    Westfriedhof and after war were re-buried at Durnbach War Cemetery, Germany

    T/O Tempsford 2000 hrs.
    Lost on SIS Operation IRIDIUM DZ, to Zvinovec, Czechoslovakia.
    Likely that 4 agents on board were also killed when a/c crashed in
    Germany. It is believed that a further agent was taken prisoner

    Page 77 Flights of the Forgotten
    Page124, 142, 307 Agents by Moonlight
    Page 78 Bomber Command Losses 1943
    Page 68 The Secret Squadrons
    161 Sqdn ORB & BO
    CWGC website
    Roll of Honour website http://www.lostaircraft.com/database.php?mode=viewentry&e=8640
    Special Forces Roll of Honour website
    Hans Grimminger’s crash report

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