Operation Clipper - Geilenkirchen and the SRY - November 1944

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    Re. "if it was a tank or AT gun?" in the post immediately above.

    I had a look at various refs, but I couldn't find a source, currently, that makes this clear to me. Though there are a number of other places that might be looked, given a bit more time etc.

    Edit: See ref. An Englishman at War: The Wartime Diaries of Stanley Christopherson DSO MC & Bar 1939-1945

    Which has a "high explosive shell" - landing on the tank.

    You might try also raising the question on the Fb page or direct messaging Karl on here. http://ww2talk.com/index.php?members/karlmcd.18305/

    With the Fb post having... The Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry 1939-1945

    "Twenty-four year old Tpr. Ashmore was killed on Sunday 19 November 1944 during C Squadrons operation to clear the area north of Prummern. His tank was hit by an HE round that killed him, Tpr. Frank Driver, and fatally wounded the tank commander Lt. John Holmes. All three now lie in Reichswald Forest War Cemetery, Kleve, Germany."

    And the SRY Ward diary for 19th November 1944 saying:

    “B” + “C” Sqdn’s remained in their positions all day + were shelled + mortared heavily throughout. “A” Sqdn rested in PALENBURG which was shelled also during the day.

    Major P. Seleri (i/c “B” Sqdn) was wounded , 2/Lieut J Holmes (“C”) Killed, Sgt Cawston (“C”) wounded. “C” Sqdn: knocked out three “Tigers” during the morning. The two troops operating with 333 U.S. Inf: Regt: enterd GEILENKIRCHEN + took 300 prisoners without loss. “O” Group at 1930 hours

    The ref. to being "hit by an HE round" - I would think would have come from Padre Skinner's diary/notebook - as he quite often notes for example whether knocked-out tanks were hit by AP or HE.

    There are some more details on the day itself here (but not specifically on what fired the HE):Hard Fighting

    Although for "B" SRY it mentions casualties "due to anti-tank guns" whilst "crossing open ground" and "C" SRY fighting German tanks and later ending the day "not without sustaining casualties" - so on the basis of that 2/Lieut J Holmes (“C”) tank and crew, may still have been hit by either, I suppose.

    And here (again a bit more detail, but doesn't answer the specific question): Monty s Marauders

    There is a brass on wood memorial (at a Church in, Derbyshire, in the UK) to Lt. John Holmes listed here (albeit no picture there as yet): Lieutenant J J Holmes

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