Operation Baytown, Bagnara Calabra, Italy

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    Bagnara Calabra, Calabria, July - Sept., 1943.

    eBay, from the estate of Günter Schlosser, 29th Panzer Grenadiers.

    According to Wikipedia, the town was captured by the 5th Infantry Division on 4 Sept. 1943.

    Google Maps

    Bagnara Calabra.jpg
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    From The Fifth British Division 1939-1945 by Aris page 145.

    During the previous night of the 3rd/4th . a commando had landed ahead of 15 Inf Bde at Bagnara where they met some troops from 29th Panzer Grenadier Division. After a fierce fight they took the town , driving the Germans into the northern outskirts 1 Y & L , after having had to advance through a long tunnel , which was the soul route , the road being completely blocked by expert demolition , found themselves up against German rearguard forces in between them and the commandos in the town. Those who had to trundle through this tunnel , over sleepers , in a jeep or carrier were certainly not likely to forget the liver-shaking ride. General Alexander had previously said that all roads certainly lead to Rome and were all of them mined into the bargain. This was to be the first of many such demolitions to slow down the long and tenous line of communication of the division. The first real rain fell in those Calabrian Hills that night to add a further difficulty , the flooded river-bed , to the many obstacles to which the divisional Sappers were soon to become used.
    The night 4th/5th was spent around Bagnara. 1 Green Howards had joined 1 KOYLI in a defensive position over-looking the town , from the high ground to the south of it. 1 Y & L were still held up on the coastal road.
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    Great information, Owen. I surmise that was the RR tunnel.

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    Yes, there is a photo of said tunnel in the book.
    I'll post it tomorrow unless another member with same book does so.
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    Here is the photo .

    Bit more about the tunnel on page 146.

    Congestion around the Bagnara tunnel was so serious now , that it was decided to use landing craft to pass 13 Inf Bde to the seaward flank of 15 Inf Bde , landing them at a beach twelve miles ahead, and three miles south of Gioia.

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    Thanks, Owen.


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