Operation Bagration

Discussion in 'The Eastern Front' started by Gerard, Oct 5, 2005.

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    Wonder if anyone will mention Op Bagration on Sunday ?
    Just thought I'd bump this old thread.
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    Pretty important day 70 years ago.
    In Twitterspeak #Bagration70.
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    This is my first post here at the WW2Talk. This December I've read a lot about the Bagration. To these interested in this topic, I will provide a link to a book entittled:

    Belorussia - The Soviet general staff study (Translated and editted by David M. Glanz and Harold Soerenstein)

    You may right-click on the above link and choose to save the file as a PDF. The book is rather extensive (321 pages) and is difficult to read. Editors have added many maps to improve readability of the text.

    I also have neglected this subject for long time, as the most of us do because it happened simultaneously with the D-Day. However, series of battles during Operation Bagration have not decided the outcome of the war but have created conditions that decided the future of Europe after the World War 2. Therefore, Operation Bagration is of paramount importance to understand how the war ended and why the conflicts continued as the Cold War.

    I hope you will enjoy this book.
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  5. Gerard

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    Thanks for the link Tamino. Am browsing it at the moment!
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    You are welcome Gerard and thank you very for the link to "Counterpoint to Stalingrad" -- I'm reading it right now.
    In my third post here I will publish something entirely new - my own work.

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