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    7th Corps - Utah Beach:
    4th Infantry "Ivy" Division:
    8th Infantry Regiment
    12th Infantry Regiment
    22nd Infantry Regiment
    4th Engineer Combat Battalion
    4th Medical Battalion
    20th field Artillery Battalion
    29th Field Artillery Battalion
    42nd Field Artillery Battalion
    44th Field Artillery Battalion
    4th military Police Platoon
    4th Signal Company
    4th Reconnaissance Troop

    90th Infantry "Tough Ombres" Division:
    357th Infantry Regiment
    358th Infantry Regiment
    359th Infantry Regiment
    90th Engineer Combat Battalion
    90th Medical Battalion
    343rd Field Artillery Battalion
    344th Field Artillery Battalion
    345th field Artillery Battalion
    915th Field Artillery Battalion
    90th Military Police Platoon
    90th Signal Company
    90th Reconnaissance Troop

    82nd Airborne "All American" Division:
    504th Parachute Infantry Regiment
    505th Parachute Infantry Regiment
    507th Parachute Infantry Regiment
    508th Parachute Infantry Regiment
    509th Parachute Infantry Regiment
    325th Glider Infantry Regiment
    80th Airborne Anti-Aircraft Battalion
    319th Glider Field Artillery Battalion
    320th Glider Field Artillery Battalion
    456th Parachute Field Artillery Battalion
    307th Airborne Engineer Battalion
    307th Airborne medical Battalion
    82nd Military Police Platoon
    82nd Airborne Signal Company

    101st Airborne "Screaming Eagles" Division:
    501st Parachute Infantry Regiment
    502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment
    506th Parachute Infantry Regiment
    327th Glider Infantry Regiment
    81st Airborne Anti-Aircraft Battalion
    321st Glider Field Artillery Battalion
    377th Glider Field Artillery Battalion
    907th Parachute Field Artillery Battalion
    326th Airborne Engineer Battalion
    326th Airborne Medical Battalion
    101st Military Police Company
    101st Airborne Signal Company

    Attached to 7th Corps:
    70th Tank Battalion
    746th Tank Battalion
    87th Chemical Mortar Battalion (I couldn't find their crest so in their honour I made one)
    531st Engineer Combat Battalion

    5th Corps - Omaha Beach:
    1st Infantry "Big Red One" Division:
    16th Infantry Regiment
    18th Infantry Regiment
    26th Infantry Regiment
    1st Engineer Combat Battalion
    1st Medical Battalion
    1st Military Police Platoon
    1st Signal Company

    2nd Infantry "Indianhead" Division:
    9th Infantry Regiment
    23th Infantry Regiment
    38th Infantry Regiment
    2nd Engineer Combat Battalion
    2nd Medical Battalion
    1/20th Field Artillery Battalion
    2/20th Field Artillery Battalion
    3/20th Field Artillery Battalion
    4/20th Field Artillery Battalion
    2nd Military Police Platoon
    2nd Signal Company
    2nd Reconnaissance Troop

    29th Infantry "Blue & Grey" Division:
    115th Infantry Regiment
    116th Infantry Regiment
    175th Infantry Regiment
    121st Engineer Combat Battalion
    104th Medical Battalion
    110th Field Artillery Battalion
    111th Field Artillery Battalion
    224th Field Artillery Battalion
    227th Field Artillery Battalion
    29th Military Police Platoon
    29th Signal Company
    29th Reconnaissance Troop

    Attached to 5th Corps:
    2/75th Ranger Regiment
    5/75th Ranger Regiment
    741st Tank Battalion
    743rd Tank Battalion
    37th Engineer Combat Battalion
    145th Engineer Combat Battalion
    299th Engineer Combat Battalion
    6th Naval Beach Battalion
    7th Naval beach Battalion
    81st Chemical Mortar Battalion
    65th Signal Battalion
    61st Medical Battalion

    US Military Police Corps:
    - 4th Military Police Platoon
    - 90th Military Police Platoon
    - 1st Military Police Platoon
    - 2nd Military Police Platoon
    - 29th Military Police Platoon
    - 82nd Military Police Platoon
    - 101st Military Police Platoon
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    Many thanks for posting the photo of your Father. His titles are 'Royal Artillery'. The Lincolnshire Regiment did not become Royal Lincolnshire until 1946. It's great to see the distinction 'X' for the 10th (North Lincoln) Regiment of Foot.
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    Thank you for the correction I will update my records :)

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    I think there some units missing from this.

    #1 The five batteries of the Royal Marine Armoured Support Group were deployed in support of the five brigade groups that landed on the British beaches.

    #2 The Combined Operations Bombardment Units

    #3 Royal Naval Commandos that formed part of the beach groups and carried ut a similar function to the US Naval engineers.

    Have you got all of these units under command and control of HQ RA 50 Div scheduled to land on D-Day?

    86 Fd Regt (Herts Yeo)
    90 (City of London) Fd Regt
    147 Fd Regt (Essex Yeo)
    102 ATk Regt (Northumberland Hussars) (- 107 & 289 Btys, + 198 & 234 Btys, 73 Fd Regt)
    Det 76 AA Bde
    RHQ 120 LAA Regt:
    A Tp 320 Bty 93 LAA Regt
    394 Bty, 120 LAA Regt (- one troop)
    362 Bty, 113 HAA Regt (+ one troop 366 HAA Bty)
    half 356 SL Bty
    det 112 Pnr Smoke Coy
    54 Flt RAF Balloon Coy
    RHQ 113 HAA Regt:
    B Tp 320 Bty 93 LAA Regt
    395 Bty, 120 LAA Regt (- one troop)
    391 Bty, 113 HAA Regt (+ one troop 366 HAA Bty)
    half 356 SL Bty
    152 AAOR
    55 Flt RAF Balloon Coy
    Det 47 Svy Bty, 4 Svy Regt
    A Flt, 662 Air OP Sqn
    1 RM Armd Sp Regt
    82 LAA Bty 25 LAA Regt less one 20mm troop
    987 Fd Arty Bn US Army (5 AGRA)
    420 Hy Bty (5 AGRA)

    Landing Sequence Artillery Units Juno Beach
    Mike and Nan Green
    Nan Red
    Tide 1H
    Four tps 2 RM Armd Sp Regt
    FOOs 12& 13 Cdn Fd Regts
    Four tps 2 RM Armd Sp Regt
    FOOs 14 & 19 Cdn Fd Regts
    BC, FOOs & Recce parties 12& 13 Cdn Fd Regts
    BC, FOOs & Recce parties 14 & 19 Cdn Fd Regts
    CO 12 Cdn Fd Regt
    CO 14 Cdn Fd
    12 Cdn Fd Regt
    det 51 Balloon Unit RAF
    14 Cdn Fd Regt
    19 Cdn Fd Regt
    det 52 Balloon Unit RAF
    Armd Tp 375/114 LAA Regt RA (40mm)
    Recce 86 HAA Regt RA.
    13 Cdn Fd Regt
    SWP tp 105 AT bty, 3 Cdn AT Regt RCA
    94 Bty, 3 Cdn Atk Regt (-)
    246 & 248 (SP) Bty 62 Atk Rgt RA. M10 (3” and 17pdr)
    52 bty, 3 Cdn Atk Regt. Towed 6 pdrs only.
    247 bty 62 Atk Regt RA.
    105 bty, 3 Cdn Atk Regt. M10.
    H+4 ½
    Tide 2
    Tide 3
    For Sword Beach
    273/86 HAA Regiment RA.
    218/73 LAA Regiment RA (-)

    Landing Sequence Artillery Units Sword Beach
    Queen White
    Queen Red
    Tide 1
    H 0725
    Two tps 5 Ind RM Armd Sp Bty
    Two tps 5 Ind RM Armd Sp Bty
    H+20 0745
    Two BCs 76 Fd Regt & four FOOs (33 Fd Regt & 76 Fd Regt) FOB
    Recce party 67 Atk bty
    H+30 0755
    FOB Four FOO Parties att 1 SS Bde
    SP tp 45 ATk Bty 20 Atk Regt
    Recce Parties 33 Field Regiment (?)
    One Tp 218 LAA Bty (Eight 40mm (Four SP))
    Battery HQ 5 Ind RM Armd Sp Bty
    SP tp 67 ATk Bty 20 Atk Regt
    CO 76 Fd Regt CO 76 Fd Regt
    Recce Party 33 Fd Regt
    One Tp 218 LAA Bty (Six 40mm (three SP))
    Recce Party G Tp 322 Bty 93 LAA
    BCs 76 Fd Regt & two FOOs (33 Fd Regt & 76 Fd Regt)Tp (-) 394 LAA Bty
    det 54 Balloon Unit RAF
    FOB with No 41 RM Cdo
    76 Fd Regt
    Two 6-pdr tps 99 ATk Bty
    Tac HQ 120 LAA Regt
    Tp 394 LAA Bty
    FOO Party att 1 SS Bde
    Elements 2 LAA Lg Regt for 6 AB Div
    33 Fd Regt
    Recce Parties 7 Fd Regt
    FOO Party att 1 SS Bde
    Elements 2 LAA Lg Regt for 6 AB Div
    CO 7 Fd Regt and BMRA 3 Div
    7 Fd Regt
    One troop 43 Atk Bty
    Det 9 Sy troop A Sy bty 9 Sy Regt
    Recce 65 Med Regt
    Troop 101 Atk bty
    Armd Tp 322 LAA Bty / 93 LAA Regt (Crusader SP towing triple 20mm)
    Armd Tp 318 LAA Bty
    H+7 hours 1325
    103 HAA recce
    73 LAA recce
    166 AAOR Recce
    Tide 2
    218 LAA Bty 73 LAA Regt
    322 LAA Bty /103 HAA Regt
    53 Med Regt
    101 Atk Bty 20 Atk Regt (less SP Troop)
    Recce Party 652 AOP Sqn RAF
    53 Beach Balloon Unit RAF
    Tide 3

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