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    Seen on another Forum.

    For those who read German

    Russian-German project to digitize German documents in the archives of the Russian Federation
    (This page is in English)

    Collection of documents of German secret services 1912-1945. Russian State Archive of Socio-Political History (RGASPI, Fond 458, Series 9)

    Website Includes a description of the documents (Choice of German or Russian version).

    If you uses Google Chrome as your browser, you are automatically offered an English translation (using Google translate) for the website pages (not the files)

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    thanks for posting.

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    As part of my research, I downloaded all the German General Staff maps from the webpage that show the location of French, British and Belgian forces on the Western Front from Feb 1916 to Nov 1918. The maps are a great resource, but frankly, downloading 112 maps one by one and organizing them by date was maddening. But I did it, and will gladly send the entire collection via the ftp site to anyone who wants the collection. Each map is approximately 2 to 3 MB and the entire collection is 304 MB.

    I have attached a low-resolution copy of one of the maps.


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    Hello, Maureen,
    For my research, I want to find a spot on the German map WW2 (staff carte )
    This map, hase a raster with longer squares.
    Holland, South East. West of Meijel / Neerkant. Punkt / location , 1473
    Do you have an idea to help me ? Copy, screenshot ?

    Regards, Gerard.
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    See replies on other thread:
    Locationspot 1473. on the German map WW2 Meijel/Holland.

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