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    I note the OP has been silent on this topic since posting about 11am 22nd July - although he has been posting links to his various videos on YouTube in new topics elsewhere on the forum - and further note VP’s unequivocal response to the issue raised.

    Whilst I haven’t previously posted on the topic my stance should be clear from the number of “likes” I’ve posted on this thread.

    I’m reticent to put my head above the parapet in case my suggestion is misinterpreted - and certainly don’t want to stifle free speech - but I have to agree with Stolpi’s above post about a desired return to “normality”and merely pose the question whether as the first step towards that ”normality” wouldn’t it be a good idea to lock this thread?

    The question asked has been fully considered by VP and a reply has been posted so can we all move on?

  2. Owen

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    Good idea.
    Thread locked.
    Move on nothing to see here anymore.
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