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    The attached screenshots are from TM's Funnies: - The D Day Tanks and are for reference and research only.
    There are 2 screenshots each showing a Churchill AVRE T68246/D, one shows what looks like the name SHERIFF on the extractor panel and I think is TERRIBLE? to the right of the crew door as you look at it. The other from another angle shows the same census but only part of what looks like TERRIBLE?
    Can anyone confirm either name?
    Thanks for any assistance or advice.


    Kevin Screenshot 2021-10-14 11.05.16.png Screenshot 2021-10-14 11.06.16.png
  2. Kevin,

    The "second name" is the original T-No marking, which was repeated on the air inlet cover.

    The AVRE's name is indeed SHERIFF (BP 2847_02_461):
    2847_02_461 - AVRE T68246-D 'SHERIFF'.jpg

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    Hi Michel,

    Thank you for clarifying that. Your image is much clearer than those from the TM film where they digits look like characters.
    So One Tank One Name as opposed to Two Tanks One Name Two Census Numbers:-

    Same tank, same name, same regiment - 2 census numbers?


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