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    To be completely honest, when faced (as I was) with a very angry farmer, I merely said what was commonly believed at that time i.e. "Compensation would, eventually, be paid"

    it would be interesting if others on the forum could now do some research and let us know what actually happened !

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    The Meeting of Hendaye, or interview of Hendaye took place between Francisco Franco and Adolf Hitler (at the time, Caudillo of Spain and Führer of Germany respectively).[1] It occurred on October 23, 1940 at the Hendaye railway station in Hendaye, France, near the Spanish-French border, attended by the Foreign Affairs ministers, Ramón Serrano Súñerof Spain and Joachim von Ribbentrop of Nazi Germany.

    The object of the meeting was to attempt to resolve disagreements over the conditions for Spain to join the Axis Powers in their war against the British Empire. However, after seven hours of talks, the Spanish demands still appeared extortionate to Hitler - the handing over of Gibraltar once the UK was defeated, the cession of French Morocco and part of French Algeria, the attachment of French Cameroon to the Spanish colony of Guinea, and German supplies of food, petrol and arms to relieve the critical economic and military situation faced by Spain. At this time, Hitler did not wish to disturb his relations with the Vichy French regime. The only concrete result was the signing of a secret agreement under which Franco was committed to enter the war at a date of his own choosing, while Hitler gave only vague guarantees that Spain would receive "territories in Africa".Meeting at Hendaye - Wikipedia
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    My diary reminds me of the day my regiment (the 49th LAA) handed over it's vehicles & guns prior to disbandment.

    Saturday 9th December 1944
    Refuelled at Rome & then drove in the fastest, maddest convoy I've ever
    had the pleasure to be in. Arrived Foligno before dark, washed, shaved & visited
    NAAFI, saw show all before 10 pm!

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    I'm interested in finding out where the 159 Transit Camp was located as part of a project tracking my Father's movements in Italy with the R.A.O.C. during WWII. In November 1943 the 574 Vehicle Co War Diary has his Unit at the 159 Transit Camp. The HQ for this company is at Pugliano, south west of Salerno. Any assistance would be appreciated.
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    Dad was on HMS Khartoum when it sunk
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    Benjamin Arthur Hiller was one of the 57 who died (my Uncle)
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    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    Operation Wallace

    Western France
    British forces launch Operation Wallace to aid French Resistance .60 soldiers of the SAS commanded by Major Ron Farran fight their way east from Rennes towards Orleans through a German occupied forest forcing the German troops to retreat.
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    On this day in 1942, my grandfather arrived at the Chindit training camp in Saugor, India. The Adjutant of the 13th King's stated in the Battalion War diary:

    "a draft of 200 (reinforcements) have arrived, they are mostly Warwicks and Devons and seem quite a good lot."
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    Today is the 75th Anniversary for the opening of Chindit 2, Operation Thursday. Although most books on the subject focus on 77 Brigade's glider assault starting on March 5th 1944, Bernard Fergusson's 16th Brigade began their own long march into Burma on the 5th February by cutting a path from Namyung Hka on the Ledo Road.

    From the war diary of the 2nd Queen's Regiment:

    Major-General Wingate addressed the column before our departure and to see the track. He told us to take great care of our weapons in the wet weather and warned us that the going would be very hard and we must conserve our energy during the first few weeks.
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    Couldn't locate a similar thread covering this, so I figure I'll start one now. Please feel free to add any incident, no matter how large or small, well known or little known here. Should make for good light reading for all I hope. There's a similar thread over on WW2F.

    I'll get things started here;

    On December 11, 1941 Germany and Italy declared war on the US in the wake of the attack on Pearl Harbor by the forces of the Empire of Japan. Really a silly move on Hitler and Mussolini's part. They figured that Japan would be "touched" by their comradeship by declaring war on the US and would jump right into the anti-comintern festivities and attack the USSR in Siberia. Of course the Japanese had no intention of tangling with the Rooskies after getting royally thumped by the Red Army in the undeclared border war 1938-39 in Manchuria.

    Also, Poland declared war on the Empire of Japan.

    And in conclusion, the Imperial Japanese Navy suffered it first surface ship losses of the war at Wake Island. Two destroyers were sunk in the first attempted landing.

    Battle of Wake Island - Wikipedia

    Ok now everyone break out the trivia books and join in on the fun!
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    There is this started back in 2006 ...

    On this day during WW2

    Even has same thread title.
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    I'm awesome at remembering what threads we have in the past. :)
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    Yes you are. I even queried it under the same name. No caps though, maybe that was the problem.
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    You're not going to merge the threads Owen? It would bump that one back into circulation. Or I can rename this one for fresh ideas. Something like, "Today in WW2", or "In WW2 this transpired", or maybe even "You won't even believe what happened in WW2 today!!!!" Just a few suggestions here you know. I can do even better than that after I pour some Christmas spirits down the pie hole when I get home tonight.
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    This is sort of WW2, depending on when you consider WW2 getting cranked up. On December 12, 1937 the USS Panay, a gunboat patrolling the Yangtze River in China was attacked and sunk by Japanese aircraft who claimed that the attack was not deliberate, and that they did not see the 3 US flags flying from it, in addition to the US flag painted on the side of the vessel. The USS Panay was in the vicinity of Nanking, and was at anchor at the time of the attack. The commander of the Panay advised Japanese Army area commander that they were in the area and were evacuating US citizens from the aftermath of the Rape of Nanking. Attacking aircraft machine gunned survivors escaping the sinking vessel, and a Japanese Army gunboat did as well.

    Two nearby Royal Navy gunboats jumped into action and assisted in rescuing survivors. Both were subsequently attacked, including taking fire from a Japanese shore battery. The two commanding officers of those vessels were awarded the US Navy Cross for their part in the incident.

    Read all about it:

    USS Panay incident - Wikipedia
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    Today (13 December 2019) is the 80th anniversary of the naval action known as 'The Battle of the River Plate'

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