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Discussion in 'Research Material' started by 51highland, Jan 29, 2007.

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    Was over there the other week (IWM P/F Anx)and they are very busy, minumin 5 weeks delivery on everything.
    The Digital stills are double the price of Hard posted copies:huh:
    The chap rang the other day to ask if i still wanted Digital at that price or did i want to change to hard copies.
    You can guess what i said!
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    Stumbled unto this one on the internet:

    British Pathe

    Looks quite interesting, wonder has any of you ever been over to the The Media Centre in London.
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    The Pathe WW2 is mainly selected scenes from all the original reels kept at Lambeth. That is if it is British and on Pathe then you can find in (usualy in a longer section and with more detail) at Lambeth. There is no chance that you will find UK footage on Pathe that is not at the IWM. Pathe were given the footage free in WW2 and thus it became part of their archive.
    The advantage with Pathe is it is all digital and the copies are much much better than anything from IWM (I have not been recently, has it changed?)
    IWM is cheaper, even cheaper if you are a veteran or relative of one.
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    Hi, I would like to get some information and preferable also some photos of the bombing of St. Rita street in Malta on 11/03/1941. What I know is the some photos were publish in a war book but I don't know the name

    kindly contact me on info@vnmmalta.com
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    just found this among my grandads photos says it was given to him by a danish policemanhttp://www.ww2talk.com/forum/www.ww2talk.com/forum/picture.php?albumid=361&pictureid=2944
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    Can anyone point me in the direction of other websites similar to Dogface Soldiers in respect of the amount of catalogued photos it holds?

    I'm trying to plan a trip to the Ardennes/Vosges area this summer and would like to visit some places captured in photos which I can relate to my children.

    I've done searched for US First, Thrid and Seventh army photos but not come accross a source as good as Dogface Soldiers.

    Many thanks.
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    The IWM have updated their website.

    Collections search | Imperial War Museums

    Thanks for the heads up Owen. I must say that's a vast improvement as far as giving you an image in decent quality to view. The photos come in 3 sizes: mid, standard and large. Now if only they would've named them with their catalogue number ...
  11. New member here and stumbled across this thread. Glad I did, some fantastic links to photos that have given me some great ideas for Christmas presents.

    ricky2910 that photo is amazing.
  12. [​IMG][/IMG]
    Hope you don't mind but I couldn't resist giving it a tidy up. If anyone ever needs any help with repairing old photos just drop me a pm. To be able to work on such epic photos is a real pleasure and I'll happily give out advice on how you can learn to restore them yourself.

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    Nice images and free to view Sorry if its been posted


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    What a great pic and impressive restoration. Does anyone know what it depicts? D-Day? Paul
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    That pic is often found on sites devoted to the Battle for Crete and shows German paratroopers. It looks too well composed to be true to life in my opinion.

    Regards ...
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    Good Evening to All...

    Does anyone know of a comprehensive US military photo site covering their time in the UK ? I am after any pics of the US Navy in Falmouth and/or US troops loading onto the LCTs, LCIs and LSTs in the Fal or Helford Rivers...

    Many thanks in anticipation

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    Air Force Museum of New Zealand.
    Digitised photo collection:
    Photographs - Air Force Museum

    C.5000 uploaded so far, apparently representing ½% of the entire collection.
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    Thanks VP. Retrieved a great group (486 Squadron) photograph including one of the RAF Liaison officers from Chindit 1.
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