"ON ACTIVE SERVICE" New Testament: 1940, 244 Coy RE

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    My dad died a couple of years ago and I have some of his wartime items. Included in these is a small New Testament with the following handwritten text, James W W Dundain Belfast. This is on two lines obviously for this purpose and below this is "ON ACTIVE SERVICE". Added at the top of the page is "23/7/40 244 Coy RE.
    These details appear on the inside of the hard front cover.
    I have no idea how this came into my dad's possession. I would however, like to build up some more of a picture and see where it might lead. I put the name into a search under Royal Engineers but nothing came up. I'm working on the basis that Belfast is not part of his name, but where he came from.
    Any feedback would be welcome. IanS
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    Hi Ian
    Any chance of posting an image of the name?
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    Photo as requested, hope I get it right.

    Incidentally, I have registered as IanTS and would like to delete it as I forgot I had registered previously as IanS.

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    dbf, I used to live in Keith Grove, just round the corner from you!!
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    Eh? You might have me confused with someone else.:)

    Before seeing the image, I'd thought perhaps the surname was DUNDAS. But looking at the entry on the Testament, I wonder if it's not JAMES as a surname with initials after...second line address. Only I can't think of any district/area in Belfast that'd match up, (doesn't look like Duncairn and that's the closest off the top of my head).
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    Hi, sorry if I got it wrong but I looked at your profile and clicked on "away with the faeries" and got a map location just round the corner where I once lived (a long time ago) just off the Uxbridge Rd.
    Good bit of lateral thinking on the name and/or location, shame nothing clicks.
    The only connection my dad had with the Royal Engineers was when he was in Flushing during the battle of the Scheldt. He was moving out with his snipers when he saw and spoke to a Royal Engineer Sgt, who was lifting a teller mine. He'd got about 30 yards away when the mine exploded, killing the Royal Engineer. It seems the mine was booby-trapped. It did cross my mind that he may have picked up the New Testament then, if it had fallen from the Sgt's battle dress. They had both met a year before on a course and dad had recognized him.
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    According to a RE Order Of Battle document I have. The 244th (Welsh) Field Company Royal Engineers were a first line Territorial Army unit. Formed in July 1938, they joined 53rd (Welsh) Division on 3 Sep 1939 based in Swansea.

    According to Wikipedia, 53 (Welsh) Infantry Division was sent to France in September 1939. After their evacuation at Dunkirk, 53rd (Welsh) Infantry Division was sent to Northern Ireland to defend it from invasion. 61 Div got the north of Ulster and 53rd got the south. That would therefore suggest that the bible might have been a gift from a church they were frequenting whilst serving in Belfast.

    Assuming that the chaps name is W W James. I can find only 3 people with that name on the 1939 Register for Wales who were born between 1910 and 1930.

    William W James, Born 1913, living in Llanelly M.B., Carmarthenshire
    William Wilfred James, Born 1915, living in Narberth R.D., Pembrokeshire
    William Woodwell James. Born 1913, living in Neath M.B., Glamorganshire.

    Found one William James in Duncairn, born in 1899, a Carpenters & Joiner. A member of Amalgamated Society Of Woodworkers.

    I have found no one in the Army Casualties 1939-1945 database that match.

    Hope this helps

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    Think I agree but also can't find a district to suit. Attached may be clearer.
    Pocket Bible 2.jpg
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    Hi All,
    thanks for the terrific effort you've put in. I tried the districts too without success. I forgot to mention that there is an oval stamp inside the rear cover. Around the outer edge is (top) CAPT. R.J. HILL. (bottom) 49 MARTINEZ AVENUE, BELFAST and in the centre is LIVING LINKS. Looks to be from a rubber stamp using blue ink. The address is currently a private house. I didn't achieve any success here either.
    I can't see that I'm going to win this one, but will keep trying for the present. Thanks to all for your kind help.
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    Maybe it’s Dun Farm Belfast?

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