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    If anyone is interested in the subject then here is a video.
    The video travels through the WN62 area in accordance with history.

    Omaha Beach WN62 Unreal Engine 4 Project

    It's a long video, but it's worth watching if the subject mattered. I don't know how long it will be visible.
    The video goes through the beginning and end of the project.
    Nothing in the video is complete. Everything is just information, in its own place.

    If someone is interested in the subject and wants to share information later, that would be nice.
    The project is currently ice, but if new enthusiasm is found then information is needed.
    However, I cannot handle the flood of information. So you have to go through one area at a time. I already know a bit but in some cases I would need more information and interpretation.

    There may be many different perceptions of the area and the area of the video may not feel right. But every effort has been made to make clear aerial imagery based on the information displayed. There are also many points that are not ready.

    I hope somebody likes the video even if it's the alpha version.
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    I don't know how many understand how much work the Omaha Beach area has taken.
    Those who know the area will surely see it.

    We made ten different versions of shingle bank to find almost the right version.
    Dozens of holiday pictures and war-time pictures were compared to book details.
    The Germans took gravel from the shingle bank. The Yankees drove the beach flat from the harbor road and the unprotected beach was corroded.
    The old shingle bank disappeared completely and the beach retreated inland.

    There were also dozens of villas on the beach that were demolished by the Germans.
    The villas also left their mark. One villa changed hands, which changed the villa and shingle bank.
    The change made to the Shingle bank is visible during the war, so it had to be taken into account.
    The Shingle bank also had a few water inlets where the water from the slopes ran into the sea.
    These were either pipes or larger stones (resembling a bridge).

    The shape of the beach and the various heights of the beach were also under construction.
    During low tide, the ships remained in the water pockets as the beach descended and ascended to the sea.
    The exact location, direction and pattern of the beach obstacles had to be clarified. Fortunately, accurate aerial views of the beach helped this work.
    In many places, the beach is so sharp that it shows no ready obstacles and the obstacles point in the right direction.
    Not all obstacles may be present. There are only obstacles on the beach that have been obtained from aerial photographs
    The youngest pictures of the beach were taken 2 days before the landing.

    The WN62 and WN64 slopes have also suffered over the years.
    The Yankees leveled the slope for other uses and then the slope has been restored to its almost old form.
    Today, however, the slope of the WN62 is lower at many points than it was at the time of the landing.
    The slope of the WN64 has completely changed what it was at the time of the landing.
    The exact shape of the WN61, WN62 and WN64 regions has not yet been made, but it is very similar
    The area between Shingle Bank and the slope has also changed a lot.
    There is no longer an area between many points as the water border crosses.

    The exact location of the bunkers, the Shingle bank, the obstacles and everyone in the area posed its own challenge, but in the end it was almost 100% successful.
    Trenches and many more are clearly visible in the aerial view. Many bunkers are also visible but some of the bunkers still lack the exact purpose and structure.
    Precise aerial shots were taken just during the battle. It clearly shows a lot of things, but recognizing everything still requires a lot of research. Less than 50% of these have been completed in the Omaha project.

    Everything that is visible in the Omaha project is information. The shape of the slope as,
    obstacles and bunkers seek their perfect shape until they find the final shape and placement.
    There are always better pictures and information about the area.

    It would be great to make web pages that utilize the 3D model. Creates a clear view of the WN62 area.
    I have not yet found any completely accurate web pages or books about the area.
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    Maybe if I have time in the future, I'll make a website. What could look like this.
    Maybe someone can use the information to create an even more accurate picture of the area.


    The Omaha project was originally intended to be used to further explain the battle.
    And find the right exact location for famous pictures.
    The battle was to be made half live or slideshow.
    But at the moment, the Omaha project doesn't do much. Maybe for my own pleasure I could make a battle simulator and watch the battle progress. By the values and rules of history.

    There is still a lot to do in Omaha when looking for a precise location.
    For example, the exact location of the beast is still open. Both points are close to each other, but which is exactly right. Both sections also appear in aerial photographs.

    The WN62 also has small bunkers for which I have no knowledge. Some are ammo bunkers but the exact information is missing.

    All the little details would be great to put in place as well. For example, toilets in the area which are well visible in the pictures. The details of the battle can also be seen in the pictures, but I can hardly put them down while everything else is still in progress.

    Objects should also be replaced with real ones. Trees and bush are the best I've found but far from the right look.
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    Cut version


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