Old WW1 Photos, Worcs Regt.

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    wr3.jpg ww5.jpg Just recently acquired these photos showing my grandfather (cook) in the Worcestershire regt WW1.
    Photo no1 shows him standing for his photo, the little photo next to him is Christmas (date not known, but message on the back, see below.He is shown, second row, on the left holding a jug.
    The bottom photo is I believe, the Worcestershire Regt entering Worcester Cathedral before being posted to France. ?
    The photos marked 2 and 3 are the Worcestershire Regt place date and time unknown.
    Arthur John Adams.

    wr1.jpg wr2.jpg
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    Great photos! Thanks for posting them. As you probably know, 8th Worcesters was a Territorial battalion - your grandfather is wearing his Imperial Service badge on the right breast to show he had volunteered for overseas service. I'm no expert on uniforms and badges (though I notice a wound stripe on the lad sitting 2nd from right in the mixed soldier/civvy group) but the Great War Forum is swarming with 'em if you need more info (you may already know all this, of course - if so, apologies).

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    Cheers Pat, here's a close up of the Imperial Service Badge.
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