Okinawa invasion bigger than Normandy?

Discussion in 'War Against Japan' started by tmac, Oct 18, 2011.

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    Second source says -50000 US troops landed first day
    180,000 total US combat troops, 368000 support
    34 US warships lost
    US losses 7613 killed on land and 4900 at sea.
    US airplanes lost 763

    Japanese planes lost 5900 of which Kamikaze 1900 (?can this be true - mindboggling?)
    Japanese killed at least 107,000 with possible further 20000 in caves
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    Just found the reference about Sicily that I remembered reading. (post 14)

    Barbara Brooks Tomlin. "With Utmost Spirit: Allied Naval Operations in the Mediterranean, 1942-1945"
    Chapter 6 - quoting historian Samuel Eliot Morison:

    "No amphibious operation on so broad a front ... had ever been tried before, nor was it ever tried again, even in Normandy, where the initial assult force was less than this strength."

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